Beyond Division Live/online course

Online training in two parts with Lauri Ann Lumby

Two six-week sessions

Monday’s 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Live via ZOOM*

Session One: May 2 – June 13, 2022 (no class on Memorial Day)

Session Two: July 11 – August 15, 2022

Beyond Division- Creating a New World through the Practice of Radical Oneness invites you to be part of the movement to end division so that we can rebuild our world anew.

Division separates humanity into dualistic categories including sex, race, nationality, religion, gender, orientation, class, political party, and more. Division creates sides, and privileges one over another. Division is at the center of every conflict between human beings and the cause of every war.

We have been conditioned to believe division is inevitable and necessary – but what if it’s not?  What if instead of a world defined by division, rife with conflict, hatred, violence, and war, we could create a different world?  What if we could move beyond the division we’ve been taught, and choose differently? 

Beyond Division – Creating a New World through the Practice of Radical Oneness, explores these questions and offers a solution.  This solution is part of our collective memory and has been thoroughly articulate by the greatest wisdom teachers among us.

Through exploration of these Universal Oneness Teachings** you will be empowered to create a whole new world for yourself – one that starts within and then finds its expression in your everyday reality.

Part One

Week One:     Oneness

  • Reclaiming humanity’s original nature

Week Two:    Judgement

  • Transcending the source of division

Week Three: Celebrating Diversity

  • Changing our way of perceiving differences
  • Union through curiosity and understanding                 

Week Four:   The Fullness of Human Potential

  • Discovering and harnessing the fullness of our capacity as humans

Week Five:    Woundedness

  • Healing separation through personal responsibility
  • Forgiveness of self and others
  • What does forgiveness really mean?

Week Six:       True Compassion

  • Understanding compassion as an expression of self-love
  • Determining healthy boundaries

Part Two

Week One:     Turning Hierarchy on its Head

  • Privileging the disenfranchised
  • Working toward “all being equal”

Week Two:    Thriving in Oneness

  • Species as “pack”
  • Ancient Indigenous culture
  • All for all

Week Three: Enough

  • Beyond Capitalism
  • Communal culture

Week Four:   Scarcity Consciousness

  • Attachment, greed, and gluttony
  • Money and other resources

Week Five:    Inner Authority

  • Collective leadership
  • Consensus management

Week 6:          Oneness Practices

  • Oneness starts with you
  • Practices for cultivating Oneness
  • Alchemy – as within/so without

*Content will be recorded for those unable to attend live.

**The Oneness Teachings we will focus on are those modeled, practiced, taught, and embodied by Jesus of Nazareth which he then passed on to Mary, called Magdalene. Mary, who fully embodied these teachings, and was then ordained by Jesus to continue these teachings in his stead.  These Oneness Teachings are free of doctrine and transcend any perceived religious connotation.

Tuition:       $149.00 per 6-week session or purchase both sessions in advance for $269.00.

Part 1 participants may register for Part 2 within their course portal. A discount for Part 2 will be offered for those completing the Part 1 training.

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