Gnostic Tarot Guidance

Gnostic TAROT guidance with Lauri Ann Lumby helps you in finding insights and support for where you are in the current stage of your Soul’s evolution, along with keys to answering the deepest questions of your heart. Employing Lauri’s deep intuitive gifts and her knowledge and experience with the journey of human development, Gnostic TAROT guidance with Lauri is more than just a reading. Through this work you will find inspiration, guidance, comfort, support, and even healing.  Additionally, you will be given effective tools for deepening the insights gained from each session.

30 and 60 minutes sessions available.

Lauri Ann Lumby, MATP

Lauri Ann Lumby has been a student of TAROT (meaning wheel or law of life) for over thirty years.  From its roots in Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah), the Emerald Tablet, and Egyptian Gnosticism, to its evolution in medieval mystical societies to its modern-day use in Jungian Psychology as a useful archetype for the hero’s journey, Lauri has found a universal application for TAROT wisdom as a personal guide, and as a tool for others in their Soul’s transformational journey.

Lauri uses the Gnostic Tarot of the Saints created and illustrated by Robert. M. Place and published by Llewellyn Worldwide (2001).