Lauri Ann Lumby

is a trained Spiritual Director with a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology who has been mentoring individuals in their journey of self-actualization for over 25 years. Lauri further supports self-actualization as a Reiki Master Practitioner and through ancestral shamanic practices.

Lauri primarily works remotely over the phone or via ZOOM.

Schedule your appointment by emailing:

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(920) 230-1313

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One of the World’s Best Kept Secrets

One-on-One Mentoring

Lauri has been called “one of the world’s best kept secrets.” Her work in supporting you in your journey of self-actualization is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

No shiny objects! No gimmicks. No B.S.

Lauri supports you in getting straight to the heart of what is preventing you from living as your most authentic self and from experiencing enduring contentment in your life; helping you to identify and then heal and transform the wounds, past traumas, and societal conditioning that is keeping you from being free.


Done either locally or remotely, Reiki provides clues as to where and how your body is holding on to past traumas, and unhealed wounds, while supporting the body in healing and releasing this wounds, bringing your mind, body and spirit into a peaceful, relaxed and restored state of wholeness. Reiki sessions with Lauri begin and end with process work so that you may be empowered to continue the transformational work begun in your Reiki session.

Suggested Fee: $175.00 per session

Discount Packages available. See below.

Pricing Policy:  PAY WHAT YOU ARE ABLE.  If you are feeling a strong pull toward my classes or services but are struggling financially, please reach out to me directly. Email me at and together we will work out a financial arrangement that works for you.  Payment plans, deferred payments, discounted fees and even full scholarships are possible depending on your unique situation. 

Mentoring Packages:


Single payment of $175.00


Single payment of $495.00 for 3 sessions.


Single payment of $900.00 for 6 sessions.

Without exception all mentoring packages are non-refundable. I suggest if you are a new client to experience a single session first (at the full price) before making a commitment to a session package. Once the commitment it made, it is up to you to maintain that commitment. Once I receive notification of payment, I will contact you to schedule sessions. I require payment prior to all remote sessions. If you are meeting me locally, you may pay at the time of the session.