As a virtual monastic community, the Temple of the Magdalene serves the needs of a diverse and global population through online formation, classes, one-on-one mentoring, spiritual services, and community gatherings.   

Temple Membership is made up of fully ordained members, associates and patrons.

Learn more about the Order of the Magdalene HERE.

Temple of the Magdalene members are:

  • Self-aware and working toward self-actualization.
  • Accountable to their inner wounds and are working to heal them.
  • Sovereign unto themselves.
  • Fulfilled within themselves.
  • Enjoying a life of meaning and purpose for the sake of their own fulfillment while serving the betterment of the world. 

Formation Programs:

  • The Order of the Magdalene Priesthood Training
  • The Order of Melchizedek Alchemy Training
  • Mastering Authentic Freedom

The Temple of the Magdalene provides ongoing empowerment, connection, and support through regular community offerings.

Community Offerings:

  • Weekly Spiritual Service
  • Twice Monthly Group Spiritual Direction
  • Once Monthly Social Justice and Social Issues Circle

Temple Orders:

As the unique giftedness and calling of individual members becomes apparent, they may choose membership within individual orders within the Temple. Membership in these orders provides a deeper level of connection along with individualized attention, training, and empowered mobilization with others of a similar gift and calling.

  • Order of Scribes
  • Order of Prophets
  • Order of Exorcists
  • Order of Healers

Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, OPM, OSF, MATS

is the founder and spiritual director of the Temple of the Magdalene. Lauri is an ordained inter-faith minister, trained spiritual director and expert in the field of human psycho-spiritual development. Lauri has created and facilitates all formation and training programs within the Temple and provides ongoing guidance and support for its members. You can learn more about Lauri HERE. Lauri can be reached directly via email at: lauri@lauriannlumby.com.