Order of Melchizedek Alchemist Training

Order of Melchizedek Alchemist Training:

The primordial Judeo-Christian tradition of inner alchemy.

24 month intensive training program divided between online courses and one-on-one mentoring. *Tuition does not include required texts.

$3800.00 paid in full or 18 monthly installments of $220.00 ea.

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Order of Melchizedek Alchemist Training:

created and facilitated by Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, OPM, MATS, is a two-year training program with an emphasis on ritual, divination, shamanic practices, healing and in-depth study of the Kabbalah. Through knowledge and practice, you will learn and discover the true origins and purpose of magic – which is to achieve Divine Union.  When we, like Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and the High Priest of Salem, achieve this state of Union, we become a vessel through which the loving nature of the Divine can be made manifest in our world, proving the alchemical adage, “As above, so below.”

The Order of Melchizedek is made up of six individual courses, completed in succession (follow the individual course links for detailed descriptions of each course):

22 lessons
l7 lessons
9 lessons
23 lessons
10 lessons
13 lessons

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