Trusting First Thoughts

You know your truth and you know your path. You immediately know if you can trust a person or if caution must be exercised. You know if you are in danger.  You know if you are safe. You know when something is right for you and when it is not. At the deepest and most immediate levels you know this, but if you are like most human beings, this knowing has been conditioned or punished out of you.  Most often, this knowing has been sequestered into box called “can’t” “should” or “shan’t.”

You can’t possibly know that!

You shan’t be so judgmental.

You should give people and situations the benefit of the doubt.

You should give it a chance.

But why?  If you know, you know!  Remember that tiny hair on the back of your neck that stood up when you met that person who later of turned out to be a complete jerk?  How about that clenched feeling in your belly when you were left alone in the room with Uncle ____.  Or that tickle in your ear that said, “don’t take this road” but you took it anyway and rolled your car? How about that snap moment of panic just before you got rear-ended? Or the outside force that picked up your leg and moved it to slam on the brakes saving you from getting t-boned by the big green van running the red light?

Or more subtly: the sneaking feeling that a co-worker had it out for you? The lightning bolt that went up your arm when you shook the hand of a new acquaintance and you immediately knew they were a liar and a manipulator?  The feeling that something felt too good to be true – and it turned out to be!

You know!  You know your truth.  You know what’s right for you.  You know when you are to remain on your current path and when you are being called to change it.  You know what is life-giving for you.  You know what is soul-sucking. You know when you want to share your energy and time; how and with whom. You know when you simply want to be alone. You know who your allies are.  You know your enemies.

This knowledge is communicated in your very first thoughts. Trust them!

Lauri Ann Lumby supports you in trusting your first thoughts!

Lauri has over twenty-five years of experience as an educator, facilitator, soul-tender, and guide. She has supported hundreds through her one-on-one guidance, books, workshops, retreats, over thirty online courses, and online community.

Imprisoned by Belonging

One of the greatest traps we experience as human beings is that of belonging. Belonging has rules. Belonging must be earned. Once earned, there is the constant threat of belonging being taken away. Belonging arises out of a self-created power structure that grooms us to seek after and maintain its approval, and when we break the rules of the power structure we are banished from that place of perceived belonging.

Conditioned belonging exists in every single aspect of our human experience – in our homes, churches, schools, workplaces, etc. The desire to belong reflects our woundedness. Groups of belonging take advantage of this woundedness by extending a promise of acceptance. But in nearly every single case, this acceptance proves to be conditional.

Belonging is a vicious trap that keeps us imprisoned in our woundedness and insecurity. The threat of belonging being taken away keeps us from being able to see the world’s truths, let alone our own. With belonging hanging over our heads, we are unable to name, claim, and live as our most authentic selves. It is for this reason, among others, that much of humanity is living a life of “quiet desperation” – unfulfilled, anxiety and shame-ridden.

Escaping the prison of belonging, is simple, yet likely the most difficult task we will ever undertake. When we know and understand our true nature as Love, we learn that the only one to which we truly belong is to ourselves. After this, no other belonging is necessary:

It takes more courage than most possess to truly see.

Seeing means losing that which

most tightly seals humanity’s prison –


Or rather, the threat that they

are nothing

and no one

if they don’t belong.

What is belonging if not the constant threat that

Love must be earned and

can even more easily be taken away.

All these threats keep them from seeing that the only belonging one ever needs

is belonging to themselves.

And in belonging to themselves,

they know that

they are Love.

How have you been groomed by belonging? Where did you find belonging conditional? How has the need to belong prevented you from living your most authentic truth? How are you working on remembering your true nature as Love?

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Fear of Honesty

I have observed a funny behavior in human beings:

Many, if not most, seem to be afraid of honesty – their own and that of others.

As I’ve come to know myself, my comfort with honesty has grown – especially about my own feelings, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses.  With this, I’ve become more bold in speaking my truth and being transparent with who I am and the journey that got me here.  Funny thing is that many simply don’t know what to do with that level of truth telling.  Those that don’t enthusiastically receive the truths I share,  either run away in terror or project their own dishonesty onto me, making me the enemy.  It seems the adage is true – many human beings simply cannot handle the truth.

For example:

When we share our weaknesses or vulnerability there are three ways in which people react:

  • It’s completely ignored (as people slink away from the sharing that is likely triggering their own unacknowledged vulnerabilities.)
  • It is welcome, and we are thanked for speaking something they may have felt themselves.
  • Some will catastrophize our words and then reach out to ask if we’re ok or if we need help.

When we share our feelings or attempt to name and claim our needs: Again, we are met with one of three reactions:

  • Projection. The recipient turns their own shame or inability to accept difficult feelings or set boundaries on to us – thereby turning us into the enemy.
  • Gratitude. The recipient gratefully accepts our words and if appropriate apologizes and accepts responsibility for any behaviors that may have hurt us or for infringing on our boundaries.
  • Respect. The recipient honors and respects our desire to set boundaries and upholds them willingly.  

When we speak truth to power and point out societal and corporate injustice:

(issues of racism, sexism, corporate greed, white privilege, concerns about poverty, education, healthcare, homelessness, economic injustices, etc.), there are four predictable reactions:

  • Retaliation. This response most often comes from those benefitting from these injustices as they attempt to intimidate or justify their willing participation in injustices from which they benefit.
  • Explanations and excuses.  Ahhhhhhh the corporate Koolaid! (more on that later).  All the reasons and justifications people make for being part of an unjust system (I have bills to pay, they provide me with insurance, it’s a “good” company, yada yada yada).
  • Deaf Ears. This most often comes from those who are either in denial, or who are attempting to ignore the suppressed shame they feel for being part of an unjust system.
  • Agreement. Spoken loudly and clearly from those who also see the injustice and who are willing to risk rejection and condemnation by calling out and working against injustice.

I know!  I’m preaching to the choir! You get it! If you don’t get it chances are you haven’t read this far anyway!  😊  So what’s my point?  What’s the moral to the story?  Why are people so uncomfortable with honesty – whether it be personal honesty spoken or more general honesty about an unjust system?  The reason is simple:

People’s discomfort with honesty reflects their inability to be honest with themselves.

Lauri Ann Lumby

Has over twenty-five years of experience as an educator, facilitator, soul-tender, and guide. She has supported hundreds through her one-on-one guidance, books, workshops, retreats, over thirty online courses, and online community.

Lamenting a Cruel World

A dearly beloved friend recently observed of me:

“You are a formidable and vulnerable teacher.”

I could not disagree with him and I am deeply grateful for his ability to see and articulate my truth. There is something uniquely profound about truly being seen.

Whereas I may present to many/most as a strong, independent, formidable force, my truest self is deeply vulnerable and fragile. I, like most who are truly honest with themselves, have been wounded by this world. It may appear to many, in fact many have said this of me, “You got this.” As a responsible firstborn Capricorn with a conditioned defense mechanism of independence and dogged self-sufficiency, this may be a safe assumption. Except, on many days, I DO NOT GOT THIS, neither do I want to.

At nearly 58 years old, I’m tired of having to gather up my strength, and don my cloak of resilience in order to survive this world and to find my way through the broken glass and twisted brambles of humanity’s folly.

I wasn’t made for this level of violence. Neither was I made to withstand this much light or noise.

None of us were made for this. Yet few are willing to admit it.  Instead, we make excuses (or are conditioned to) for all of humanity’s bad behaviors.

There are no excuses for humanity’s cruelty, deception, lack of integrity, greed, abusive behavior, or betrayal. As a student and teacher of human development, I can assuredly say that every single human being (excepting perhaps sociopaths and psychopaths – but even they can pretend) has both the potential and the power to be loving, compassionate, generous, gentle, and kind. In other words, cruelty is a choice. Admittedly, a choice coming forth out of what are likely deeply unhealed wounds, but a choice, nonetheless. When I know (and provide) resources to support humanity in healing their wounds, this choice becomes even more apparent.

So yes, when I see humans being cruel to each other, taking advantage of others for the sake of their own pride or greed, making excuses for or justifying their bad behaviors, stabbing others in the back, robbing or stealing from each other, I am deeply saddened. I also find myself angered because I know that cruelty is a choice and cannot comprehend why anyone would choose it.

Like I have often said, I wasn’t made for this world. The good news is I know I’m not the only one not made for this world. If you are one who regularly chooses kindness, I hope that in sharing my own vulnerability this gives you permission to do the same, and if nothing else, helps you to know you are not alone.

Copyright Lauri Ann Lumby

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Since 2015 Authentic Freedom Academy and Soul School have been housed within another entity. Effective TODAY we are on our own independent platform with Ruzuku. This it the fulfillment of a dream long in the making. 

First I want to thank all of you for your patience, cooperation, and understanding as I have undertaken the arduous work of migrating all current and former students to the new platform.  Ruzuku made this work easy, and there were still things I had to do to complete the migration.  The migration is now complete and invitations have been sent out to all students who have enrolled since 2020, inviting them to the new platform and to all who have been part of either the Magdalene Priesthood or Order of Melchizedek trainings.  If you have any questions about the migration to the new platform, please email me at  I’m happy to help!

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Predicting a Red Wave?

The US mid-term elections are this coming Tuesday, November 8th. Many have been predicting a “Red Wave” with Republicans securing majority in both the Congress and Senate, and taking many state Governor positions. If “Red” isn’t your political stance, how might you prepare in the event of a Red Wave?

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This Week’s Videos

It has been a productive week at Soul School as I prepare for some big bold moves. Fueling the big and the bold are this week’s video/podcast episodes. If you find these videos helpful, please share them with your friends! Let’s share the love! ❤

Soul Tending with Lauri includes:

  • Personality, Temperament, and Gifts Assessments.
  • Exploration of the Soul’s calling.
  • Uncovering and transforming the obstacles to living out that calling through a variety of mindfulness, creativity, and shamanic practices including Lauri’s trademarked Authentic Freedom™ protocol.
  • Depth work – identifying ungrieved losses, unhealed wounds, past traumas, ancestral trauma, and learning shamanic practices for transforming and releasing them.
  • Shadow work – uncovering the unintegrated and often rejected parts of self and bringing them into wholeness.
  • Ongoing support.

Illness Designating Power

Our whole lives we’ve been told that illness means there’s something wrong with us.  What if the reverse, in fact, is true?  What if illness is a gift that designates our power? Can we take what we’ve been told and have chosen to believe and turn it on its head? What if what we’ve been calling illness (chronic illness especially) is really the body’s only way, in an upside-down world, to create the environment the Soul needs to thrive?  What if chronic illness is the body responding to abuse of the Soul?  What if when suffering chronic illness (ie: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Epstein-Barr, migraine, vestibular disorders, anxiety, depression, panic attacks) there’s nothing wrong with us but is our body pointing out everything that is wrong with our world? What can we learn about our Soul and our body’s true needs through the symptoms our chronic illness throws at us? What happens if instead of fighting against illness we give our bodies what they need to feel safe in an unsafe world? How might our world begin to change when we start tending to the deeper needs of our Souls? How might our super-powers begin to emerge when we start tending to the needs of our Soul as dictated by our body?

Waking the Dead

I sang skin back onto my bones like a blanket’s warm embrace.

Enfolding in acceptance all that I am.

A dream within a dream of much more than simple acceptance.

A celebration really,

where a blanket becomes a robe of the deepest blood red.


Invoking a blessing of holiness

where that which I formerly condemned is honored as gift.

Where pathology is given a new name signifying magic.

And where illness designates power.

Then I sang a song of amens and hallelujahs!

Copyright Lauri Ann Lumby


When we are struggling with chronic illness or other debilitating and troublesome symptoms, we are cast into a grieving process. We experience all faces of grief – denial, bargaining, anger, depression, and sorrow as we move in the direction of coming to terms with our symptoms.

For twenty-five years, Lauri Ann Lumby has supported people in all forms of grieving. If you are in need of support in grieving your diagnosis (of often lack thereof), please reach out for an appointment.