The Call of the Light-Bearer

Yeah, I’ve grown kinda weary of titles, slogans, and all the ways we try to describe and lay claim to our unique calling in the world. Titles like lightworker, shadow worker, soul mate, twin flame, starseed, witch, sorcerer, shaman, empath, etc. etc. etc. have all grown a bit tiresome and maybe even useless as we try to describe who we are in a world where we don’t really fit. Yes, these titles help us identify who we are and who we are not. Yes, they help us to find our place of belonging. AND they can tempt us to create separation as we fight over what these words really mean and our right (or not) to call ourselves that.

All that being said, I’ve recently found myself connecting with a “title” I haven’t seen elsewhere and one that seems, better than any of the above, to describe my purpose in the world, and role of others I know who share similar gifts.

It’s an ancient title that is often misunderstood and has therefore been twisted into something that strikes terror and fear in the hearts of the indoctrinated. It is one with only benevolent intent, but which has been made malevolent by those who have sought to rule the world by fear, power, oppression, and control, and those who benefit from a world driven by fear.

The title is:  Light-Bearer

A Light-Bearer is one who is the light. We are the light that causes the shadows of the world to creep out from under the rocks and behind the veils where they are hiding so they might come forth into the light. Coming forth into the light allows that which is hidden to be seen so that it can be dealt with. Light-Bearers support the ongoing transformation of the world simply by the power of their presence. That which is hiding in shadow cannot persist in the light of the Light-Bearer.

Sounds cool, right!?  Nope. Not really.  Light-Bearers are catalysts and shit-disturbers. We upset the status quo. We reveal what is hidden – deceptions, lies, betrayals, untruths, forces of oppression and manipulation, hypocrisy, injustice, and anything else that is not anchored in Love.  We don’t even have to do or say a single thing for this unveiling to take place.  It happens simply because we are in the room or in your presence. For those with nothing to hide, our presence is a welcome gift. For those who have something to hide, we are abhorred. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been treated like “the enemy,” for absolutely no reason other than I happen to be in the room and shit started coming up from under the floorboards – and yeah, I may have helped it along by pointing out the shit!  Hey, university who shall go unnamed, you were in trouble LONG before I showed up.  I’m not the enemy here! Hey person who I dated sorry my presence tickled the door behind which you have tried to hide your true orientation. How could you love me when all the while you were loving another?

There is really no place one can hide from the presence of a Light-Bearer. Either you welcome us, or your attachment to keeping something hidden will cause you to project your own self-hatred onto us. Now that I understand this gift, I no longer take it personally when for no apparent reason someone decides to hate me. If it’s someone with whom I had a relationship, I might experience the normal faces of grief, but I get it. We have to be ready to face what we try to keep hidden, and some will never be ready.

  • Where have you encountered Light-Bearers in your life?
  • Where might you be aware of the Light-Bearer calling within yourself?

Through Soul School Essentials 1 – Igniting the Flame, you will discover new things about yourself, your gifts, and your calling. You will also learn effective tools that you can apply in your everyday life for supporting the unfolding of your Soul toward the goal of enjoying the meaningful and fulfilling live of your dreams.

When “the Devil” Comes a-Callin’

Ahhhhhhhh.  The Trickster.  Satan.  Beelzebub.  Beetlejuice.  By whatever name we call “him,” the role is the same:

That thing that shows up just as something amazing has happened, or as something magnificent is about to happen.  That experience that attempts to throw a banana peel into our path.  The person who throws spikes across the road of our enjoyment just after we get done fruitfully sharing our gifts in the world.

Yeah….you know of whom/what I speak.  We’ve all had these experiences. I’ve gotten to the point now where I know the Trickster when I see it and I name it for who it is. This does not, however, prevent me from feeling the jarring impact of what can only be called a psychic attack. 

Here’s how it went:

Thursday and Saturday of the past week, I had the profound gift of presenting to two different organizations.  Thursday’s presentation was on Mary Magdalene for the Healer’s Playgroup.  Saturday I presented on Mental Health and Resilience in Teens for the Wisconsin Dance Council annual convention.  Both presentations were enthusiastically received and I felt completely in my element and anchored in my gifts and my calling. Everything felt right with the world as I gave my introvert/empath a well-deserved day (or two) of rest.

Then “the devil” came a callin’.  I will say this is not the first time I’ve had to deal with severely disturbed individuals who are operating out of some sort of delusion that I am the cause of their current life situation. In this case, a person I don’t even know, but who apparently knows me through a shared membership on another platform. I won’t go into the details but to say their language was abusive, graphic, and venomous would be an understatement. Understanding the disease that provokes such outbursts did nothing to protect me from the daggers of hatred carried by these words. My rational mind knew how to respond. My empathic body felt the sting of her words. My inner healer knew what to do to support myself in being free of the venom and how to let my psychic body heal.

And, my inner spiritual teacher knew exactly what this was:

“Hello Trickster, the fact that you are here is telling me something magnificent is happening.”

Indeed.  THIS is the role of the Trickster. To startle us out of our enjoyment, trip us up on our path, plant the seeds of confusion and doubt in our mind – all for the purpose of testing our resolve.

The Trickster is here to ask us: “Are you sure about this?”

Um.  Yes, I’m sure.  I’m certain about my gifts. I’m certain of my call to serve. I’m certain I’m called to serve the world through my gifts of teaching, providing guidance and counsel, and being a force of Love in the world.  All the tricksters in the world are not going to convince me otherwise. As I reached out to a colleague who had a similar encounter with this individual, her words said it perfectly: 

Not today Satan!  Not today!

  • Where and how have you experienced the Trickster in your life?
  • What tools do you have for moving through and past the Trickster’s shenanigans?

Only $28.00 for this 2 hour workshop

Join Lauri Ann Lumby as she breaks open the ancient mysteries related to the adversary – the natural inner force that has been corrupted into an external demon that should be feared. Even the ancient names given to this helpful and benevolent force have been appropriated by those who seek to manipulate others through fear, intimidation, and threats of eternal damnation.

  • Discover the ancient names given to the adversary and their true meanings.
  • Understand the natural cycle of spiritual growth including necessary times of resistance characterized by temptation, doubt, confusion, and difficulty.
  • Learn to approach the adversary as advocate.
  • Release resistance through practices of welcome.

Soul School Reading List

People often ask me, “How do you know this stuff?” The short answer is – a lifetime of study. The longer answer is what I have come to call “embodied learning.” Yes, I have read literally hundreds of books on the topics I teach and in the areas that I counsel. But more than just reading, I have done my best to embody the best of what scholars before me have articulated through their words, and have applied the practices of the mystics and contemplators and experienced the benefit of these practices in my own life.

Below is just a glimpse into the many books I have studied in forming the foundation of the offerings of Soul School. The benefit to my client and students is that they don’t have to read all these books. They can just show up for the classes and enjoy the distillation of all I have accumulated and gathered in a lifetime of study, integration, and practice.

Lauri Ann Lumby Reading List 2022

Books Related to Mary Magdalene:

Scholarly Works:

Begg, Ean, The Cult of the Black Virgin, Chiron Publications, 2006.

Bourgeault, Cynthia, The Meaning of Mary Magdalene – Discovering the Woman at the Heart of

Christianity, Shambhala Publications, 2010.

Haskins, Susan, Mary Magdalene – Myth and Metaphor, Harcourt Brace & Company, 1993.

King, Karen, L., The Gospel of Mary of Magdala – Jesus and the First Woman Apostle,

Polebridge Press, 2003.

Leloup, Jean-Yves, Judas and Jesus – Two Faces of a Single Revelation, Inner Traditions, 2006.

Leloup, Jean-Yves, The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Inner Traditions, 2002.

Leloup, Jean-Yves, The Gospel of Philip, Inner Traditions, 2003.

Leloup, Jean-Yves, The Gospel of Thomas, Inner Traditions, 2005.

Leloup, Jean-Yves, The Sacred Embrace of Jesus and Mary – The Sexual Mystery at the Heart of

the Christian Tradition, Inner Traditions, 2005.

MacDermot, Violet, The Fall of Sophia – A Gnostic Text on the Redemption of Universal

Consciousness, Lindisfarne Books, 2001.

Starbird, Margaret, The Woman with the Alabaster Jar, Bear & Company, 1993.

Starbird, Margaret, The Goddess in the Gospels – Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine, Bear &

Company, 1998.

Starbird, Margaret, Mary Magdalene – Bride in Exile, Bear & Company, 2005.

Fiction or Channeled Works:

Heartsong, Claire, Anna – Grandmother of Jesus. S.E.E. Publishing, 2002.

Heartsong, Claire, Anna – the Voice of the Magdalenes, S.E.E Publishing, 2010.

Kenyon, Thomas & Sion, Judi, The Magdalen Manuscript, Tom Kenyon Orb, 2006.

McGowan, Kathleen, The Expected One, Touchstone, 2007.

McGowan, Kathleen, The Book of Love, Touchstone, 2010.

Pevehouse, Dolores, I, The Christ, Hampton Roads, 2000.

Wilson, Stuart, Essenes – Children of the Light, Ozark Mountain Publishing, 2005.

Wilson, Stuart & Prentis, Joanna, Power of the Magdalene, Ozark Mountain Publishing, 2008.

Unitive Gnosticism/Gnostic Christianity:

Douglas-Klotz, Neil, The Hidden Gospel: Decoding the Spiritual Message of the Aramaic Jesus,

Quest Books, 1999.

Douglas-Klotz, Neil, Prayers of the Cosmos, Harper One 1993.

Eisler, Riane, The Chalice and the Blade, Harper Collins, 1987.

Eisler, Riane, Sacred Pleasure, Harper Collins, 1995.

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Harvey, Andrew, Son of Man – The Mystical Path to Christ, Jeremy P. Tarcher, 1998.

Hoeller, Stephan, Gnosticism – New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing, Quest

Books, 2002.

Malachi, Tau, The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas – Meditations on the Mystical Teachings,

Llewellyn Worldwide, 2004.

Malachi, Tau, Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ – a Gnostic Christian Kabbalah, Llewellyn

Worldwide, 2005.

Malachi, Tau, Living Gnosis – A Practical Guide to Gnostic Christianity, Llewellyn Worldwide,


Malachi, Tau, St. Mary Magdalene – The Gnostic Tradition of the Holy Bride, Llewellyn

Worldwide, 2006.

Marion, Jim, Putting on the Mind of Christ – The Inner Work of Christian Spirituality, Hampton

Roads, 2000.

Pagels, Elaine, Beyond Belief – The Secret Gospel of Thomas, Random House, 2003.

Silva, Freddy, the Lost Art of Resurrection, Inner Traditions, 2014.

Human Development:

Aurobindo, Sri (2001). A Greater Psychology – an Introduction to the Psychological Thought of

Sri Aurobindo. New York, NY. Jeremy P. Tarcher.

Bridges, William (2004). Transitions – making sense of life’s changes. Cambridge,

MA. Perseus Books.

Kiersey, David & Bates, Marilyn (1984). Please Understand Me – character and temperament

types.  Del Mar, CA. Prometheus Nemesis Book Company.

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Maslow, Abraham (1968). Toward a Psychology of Being. New York, NY. Van Nostrand

Reinhold Company.

Maitri, Sandra (2000). The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram. New York, NY.

Jeremy P. Tarcher.

Maitri, Sandra (2005). The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues. New York, NY.

            Jeremy P. Tarcher.

Newberg, Andrew (2010). How God Changes the Brain – Breakthrough Findings from a

Leading Neuroscientist. Ballantine Books.

Palmer, Parker (2004). A Hidden Wholeness – the journey toward an undivided

life. San Francisco, CA.  Jossey-Bass.

Palmer, Parker (2000). Let Your Life Speak – listening for the voice of vocation.

San Francisco, CA. Jossey – Bass

Plotkin, Bill (2003). Soulcraft – crossing into the mysteries of nature and psyche.

Novato, CA.  New World Library.

Plotkin, Bill (2008). Nature and the Human Soul – cultivating wholeness and

community in a fragmented world. Novato, CA. New World Library.

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Tallard Johnson, Julie (2010). Wheel of Initiation – practices for releasing your

inner light. Rochester, VT. Inner Traditions.

The Kabbalah and Tarot

Case, Paul Foster, The Tarot – A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages, Jeremy Tarcher, 1947.

Epstein, Perle, Kabbalah – the Way of the Jewish Mystic, Shambhala, 1988.

Fortune, Dion The Mystical Qabalah, Weiser Books. 1935

Hauck, Dennis William, The Emerald Tablet – Alchemy for Personal Transformation, Penguin

Compass, 1999.

Kaplan, Aryeh, The Bahir Illumination- Translation, Introduction and Commentary, Samuel

Weiser, Inc,, 1979.

Kaplan, Aryeh, Meditation and Kabbalah, Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1982.

Kaplan, Aryeh, Sepher Yetzirah – the Book of Creation in Theory and Practice, Weiser Books,


Krafchow, Dovid, Kabbalistic Tarot – Hebraic Wisdom in the Major and Minor Arcana, Inner

Traditions, 2002.

Kushner, Lawrence, The Book of Letters, Jewish Lights Publishing, 1975.

Kushner, Lawrence, Honey from the Rock – an Introduction to Jewish Mysticism, Jewish Lights

Publishing, 2000.

Kushner, Lawrence, Kabbalah – a Love Story, Broadway Press, 2006.

Malachi, Tau, Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ – a Gnostic Christian Kabbalah, Llewellyn

Worldwide, 2005.

Matt, Daniel C., The Essential Kabbalah, Harper Collins, 1995.

Munk, Michael L., The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet, Mesorah Publications, 1983.

Unknown Author, Meditations on the Tarot – a Journey into Christian Hermeticism, Jeremy P.

Tarcher/Putnam Press, 1985.

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Videos for This Week

Strange Symptoms, Empathy and the Call of the Mystic

The call of the mystic is often accompanied by the gift of empathy – the ability to feel what other people are feeling, and to feel things that are happening in the world. This gift of empathy is often identified by strange, otherwise unexplainable physical and emotional symptoms: physical pain, vertigo, ringing in the ears, dizziness, nausea, migraines, visual disturbances, unexplained sorrow, anxiety, grief, fear, etc. While it’s important to consult a medical doctor in the event these symptoms have a medical and treatable cause. If not, it might just be that you’re an empath.

Soul Lessons – Tonglen

In this video, you will learn about and be guided in a Tonglen practice. Tonglen is a powerful and effective practice for transforming our inner wounds, compulsions, past trauma, and societal conditioning. It’s a great remedy for guilt, shame, loneliness, anxiety, and so much more.

The Way of Love – The “G” Word

This week’s Way of Love Video Podcast explores the “G-word.” Humanity’s evolution as it relates to our concepts of that from whence we came. Is it the old man in the sky? A many-armed God? Or will our human conceptualizations of the Source always fall short of what “G” really is?

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Corporate Client Testimonials

I have been profoundly honored to be invited to present for a wide variety of corporate gatherings. This coming week, I have two such events. On Thursday I will be presenting on Mary Magdalene for the Healer’s Playgroup out of the Twin Cities, MN, and on Saturday, I’m presenting: Supporting Resilience in Teens: Mental Health and Wellness for Dancers for the Wisconsin Dance Council annual conference. I’m grateful for these and other organizations who understand the value of personal development and are committed to bringing these resources to their employees, members, and clients.

It was so exciting to have Lauri, with 30 years of expertise in the field of human development, visit our craft-centered writing group, Much Ado About Writing. Her in-depth knowledge of enneagram types was the perfect complement to our discussions of characterization, and her presentation summarizing each of the types – their main traits, fears, and compulsions – had us all seeing the characters in our works-in-progress (and ourselves) in a new light. If you are looking to inject fresh energy and perspective into your writing group’s discussions of craft while deepening your understanding of human temperaments and interpersonal relationships, invite Lauri to come chat with your group about her work!

  • Kate Penndorf and Valerie Heller, Much Ado About Writing

Lauri Lumby partnered with my company Nutritional Healing to offer her Authentic Freedom education to clients of all backgrounds and needs. We offered a half-day workshop focused on ‘the mindful body’ for self-development that helped our clients learn how to bring awareness and joy back to eating. Lauri helped attendees focus on saying goodbye to things such as emotional eating, self-medicating, limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, and other bad habits. My clients also learned how mindless munching and emotional eating doesn’t serve us, and what steps we can take to become aware of what our body truly needs and become more body-aware with each bite we take.

Additionally, Lauri helped my clients beat stress and prevent any moments of emotional eating during one of the toughest times of year – the holidays. Lauri taught attendees how to acknowledge and recognize any triggers as they show up during the holidays, and how/why we often turn to food and alcohol to numb these feelings. From there, my clients were taught basic practices for dealing with these triggers.

I would recommend the work of Lauri Lumby on an individual basis as well as in a corporate setting to make an impact in helping individuals do the deep work we all need for true healing!

  • Kimberly Stoeger, Nutritional Healing

Ms. Lumby has been a returning implementer for Currie Management Consultants. Inc.  We’ve been in business over four decades as consultants to industrial equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors.  We have included Enneagram work as part of our ongoing Leadership and Executive Development work.  The Enneagram, and Lauri’s work, have become essential parts of our programs.  Lauri engages our clients extremely well, delivers with precision, and her impeccable work ethic is highly professional.  She is a respected colleague of ours and our hope is that this relationship grows and continues into the future.  Experts like Lauri are necessary for developing strong corporate culture, and for building teams of effective leaders and executives that work with purpose and intention.

  • Robin P. Currie, Currie Management Consultants, Inc.

Lauri Ann Lumby designs workshops and tools to meet the individual needs of businesses and their employees.

Topics of interest include:

  • Team building with the Enneagram.
  • Stress-relief and self-care through Mindfulness.
  • Change-management and the role of grief.
  • Managing conflict in the workplace.

Is the Bible Even Relevant?

My short answer to this inquiry is no, and yes. The no is quite simple. The yes a little more complicated.

First the Nos

  • Scripture is no longer relevant (if it ever was) as a tool of manipulation or to exert power or control over another. In fact, in either form, scripture is not only dangerous, but can become a weapon (as we have witnessed throughout history – even recent history) when in the hands of the wrong person(s).
  • Scripture is not a book of science. Neither is it a book of history as we understand that today.
  • The Bible is not a book of civil law.  Neither is it a guide for upholding nor enforcing law.
  • The Bible is not a manual for gender or relationship ideals or norms.  Only the ill-informed would approach it in that way.

There are likely more no’s but we’ll let these suffice for now.

Now For the Yeses

  • Yes, scripture is relevant as a collection of literature gathered over a period of time related to a specific tribe of people with their own beliefs, cultural practices, and history.
  • Yes, scripture is relevant as a collection of literary genres, gathered over centuries from the oral traditions of a specific tribe of people living in a specific geographic location within history.  None of these writings were meant to be taken as literal and include – myth, poetry, songs, reflective pseudo-history (some things actually happened), tribal laws, erotica, liturgy, letters, and apocalyptic writings and gospels (genres unto themselves).
  • Yes, scripture is relevant as a field of scholarship, especially when said-scholarship contains and includes both canonical (those writings that reflected the dogma of an already established institution), and non-canonical (those that did not).
  • Yes, scripture is relevant as a field of study when one considers historical and cultural context, the literary genre in use, the author, and their audience.
  • Yes, scripture is relevant when examining the theological evolution of a specific tribe of people.
  • Yes, scripture is relevant in studying the reflections of a specific group within that tribe who believed they had found their messiah and the way in which this belief informed their relationship with their tribe and how they attempted to make their way beyond their tribe.

Finally, and this yes is my favorite and THE reason why I consult scripture everyday as part of my daily practice, and why I have included scripture as part of many of my training programs:

Once we pierce through the doctrine and the patriarchy’s fear-based presentation of scripture, it becomes a profoundly relevant tool through which we can access our own inner truth, tune into the voice of our own inner authority, find guidance, healing, knowledge, understanding, wisdom and comfort for our daily lives – all of which help us to remember that we are Love.

Overcoming Obstacles with Authentic Freedom transcends centuries of dogma to reveal the powerful and life-changing message at the heart of Jesus’ teachings and the universal truths at the core of every religion. Built upon the compelling integration of Eastern Energy Medicine and the 2000-year-old tradition of Christian, contemplative spiritual practices, this course revels a dynamic and unifying path of spiritual transformation that speaks to people of all traditions and beliefs.

A Change in Direction

In the summer of 1994, I had an experience that forever changed the course of my life. I had been languishing, feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, and out of place in my fifth corporate job in almost as many years. I knew that I was not in the right career path and that corporate work just wasn’t for me. I had been begging and pleading the universe for support in finding my true path – the path of my soul, and that which would lead to a sense of meaning and fulfillment and which might help to serve the betterment of our world.

The answer came in a startling and unexpected way. While attending mass one Sunday, the pastor, in his homily said, “If there’s something you want to do and you haven’t done it yet, get off your ass and do it now.” I felt his words like a lightening bolt through my entire body as I saw a red brick fly through the air and hit me in the head. Perhaps this was the answer – or at least the invitation. I scheduled an appointment with my pastor and thus began the beginning of the path that would lead me to where I am today.

What began as ministry formation through the Catholic Church led to training as a spiritual director, which then led me on the path of Reiki healing. I secured a paid position with the Church, eventually leaving the corporate world behind.

This, however, was just the beginning. I worked in the Church for ten years, and during that time, applied ancient knowledge and practice into what became a nine-month curriculum in human psycho-spiritual development. Through this training, participants began to discover their unique gifts and how they were being called to use these gifts in the world for the sake of their own fulfillment and in service to the betterment of the world. I saw the results of this training first in myself, and then in those I guided. This was meaningful and fulfilling work and I knew I was on to something.

Then Reiki happened. Suffice it to say that hierarchy and the movement of the Holy Spirit collided. Eventually I had to make a choice between my Church and the calling that God had given me.  I chose God.

This choosing took place over many years with lots of bargaining and excruciating grief, but since 2008 I have been free of institutional constraints and have been leading individuals and groups on the journey of their own psycho-spiritual development using the curriculum that has its roots in my time in Church ministry, but which has unfolded in a way to speak to and meet the needs of a universal audience. Since then, I have published ten books, created over thirty courses geared toward supporting participants in their own journey of self-actualization, and led hundreds on that journey.

I do this work because I have seen the benefits in my own life and in the life of my clients and students. When we take the time to uncover our unique giftedness, discern how we are called to share the gifts in the world, and then move through the inner obstacles to living out of those gifts, we experience a sense of meaning and fulfillment in our lives which leads us to a deep state of inner contentment and joy. While attending graduate school, I learned that the word for this acquired knowledge and experience is self-actualization.  I also learned, and have seen for myself, that self-actualized humans naturally and effortlessly work from their own unique gifts in support of their own fulfillment and for the betterment of the world. Self-actualization in one benefits our world in exponential ways.  It has therefore become my mission to support the betterment of our world by supporting self-actualization one person at a time.

A Life of Meaning and Fulfillment

Soul School with Lauri Ann Lumby is a one-of-a-kind education platform that provides the resources and tools to support you in becoming self-actualized so that you might enjoy the meaningful and fulfilling life of your dreams.

  • Embodied learning
  • Where knowledge meets practice
  • Combining education, spirituality, and psychology
  • Applying ancient wisdom
  • The marriage of scholarship and mysticism
  • Rooted in empowerment

Register Now!

I am humbled and honored to be presenting on Mary Magdalene, October 13, 2022 for the Healer’s Playgroup. This event is open to the public, learn more and register HERE.



Participants will be guided by Lauri Ann Lumby (author of Song of the Beloved – the Gospel According to Mary Magdalene), in the reclamation of Mary Magdalene as the embodiment of Divine Love and the one ordained to fulfill the work Jesus began of freeing people of the inner blocks to knowing that Love. Participants will have an opportunity to learn the very protocol used by Jesus and continued by Mary in their shared mission of Love.

  • Reclaiming the original story of Mary, called Magdalene.
  • Exploring the process of initiation that Mary completed and healed her of “seven demons.”
  • Discovering how Mary earned the title of Magdalene.
  • Understanding Mary’s initiation process in the context of modern psychology.
  • Applying this process in our own lives and in our work with our clients through the Authentic Freedom™ protocol and other methods of inner transformation.

Please bring paper and a pen / tablet to take notes.

Special Live Mary Magdalene Event

I am humbled and honored to be presenting on Mary Magdalene, October 13, 2022 for the Healer’s Playgroup. This event is open to the public, learn more and register HERE.



Participants will be guided by Lauri Ann Lumby (author of Song of the Beloved – the Gospel According to Mary Magdalene), in the reclamation of Mary Magdalene as the embodiment of Divine Love and the one ordained to fulfill the work Jesus began of freeing people of the inner blocks to knowing that Love. Participants will have an opportunity to learn the very protocol used by Jesus and continued by Mary in their shared mission of Love.

  • Reclaiming the original story of Mary, called Magdalene.
  • Exploring the process of initiation that Mary completed and healed her of “seven demons.”
  • Discovering how Mary earned the title of Magdalene.
  • Understanding Mary’s initiation process in the context of modern psychology.
  • Applying this process in our own lives and in our work with our clients through the Authentic Freedom™ protocol and other methods of inner transformation.

Please bring paper and a pen / tablet to take notes.

The Call of the Bean Sidhe

In a far-off land

‘neath a hill of grass and stone

lives the Bean Sidhe.

Cloaked in rags

Dreaded silver locks

Tattoos of woad telling stories of her life

Her face a skull

One clear eye seeing without

The cloudy one seeing within

Her skeletal finger pointing out the eternal

Her life will never end

With her knowing eyes she’s seen it all

Nothing you could say would surprise

Nothing you do could shock

She sees only Truth

A mirror for those who dare –

who can endure her eternal screaming.

A witness to all of humanity’s sorrow

and a voice for all who weep for humanity’s doom –

They’ve no one to blame but themselves.

I am She and She is me.

art and poetry copyright Lauri Ann Lumby

What Are Your Soul Gifts?

Online course

13 lessons done at your own pace

Created and Facilitated by Lauri Ann Lumby