I Can’t

A HUGE thank you from my dear friend and soul-brother, Christian Borchardt, for this contribution to the outcry over the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. Chris says he wrote this as he found himself overcome with rage while reading his Sunday paper. Chris’ outrage is a terrific reminder that the overturning of RvW is a WE issue and that men too have a place in this conversation. Thank you Chris! I’m sooooooo grateful for you!

I can’t add nor remove anything

from MY body

Because YOU say

I can’t.

I can’t afford your food

I can’t afford your shelter

I can’t afford you – being you

By the way

Who are you –

Really, let me know


I can



and Judge

By the people, for the people, and

I am the people.

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The overturning of Roe Vs. Wade is yet another symptom, among many, of an empire in collapse.

We cannot halt the empire’s collapse, neither should we try. A system that was built on fear, power, oppression, and control, is inherently unsustainable. It is time for that system to fall away so that a new system might be born from the ash.  

In the meantime – how are we to survive an empire facing its own demise?

Please join Lauri Ann Lumby for this online workshop to discover effective tools for maintaining peace, preserving your sanity, and planting the seeds of a new world while living through the death throes of the old. 


I am writing this just 45 minutes after the news was released that Roe Vs. Wade was overturned by the United States Supreme Court.

There are no words.

Disgusted. Sick. Angry.  All come to mind, but this only scratches the surface of the reality behind this ruling:

The American people have been betrayed by our government – in the Supreme Court and everywhere else where women have been deprived of sovereignty over their own bodies. In a nation that proudly waves the banner of representative democracy where the majority of the population consider themselves pro-choice, these decisions are nothing short of betrayal – and demonstrate an epic failure of governance.

The US can no longer call itself a representative democracy.

Yes, this is just another nail in the coffin of a nation fast hurtling toward its self-created demise, but as a woman and as a mother of two young adults, and an auntie to many, this nail is especially painful.

I feel gutted.

I know I’m not alone. In the short time since the Supreme Court decision came down, my phone and social media have been screaming.  Women are angry. Men who care about women should be too. What immediately followed were Clarence Thomas’ vision of a future where both contraception and same sex marriage are illegal (I truly despise this man and have since the Anita Hill thing).  The actions of the vocal minority will not stop at abortion.  Mark my words.

In this moment I don’t have energy to think about appropriate social action. All I can do right now is tend to my grief. Writing is one way I give my grief a voice. Social media is another. There aren’t enough Handmaid’s Tale memes for how many are feeling today.

I can also be a source of support for others.  As a Soul Tender, with a master’s in Transpersonal Psychology, and just darn good listener without judgment, I’m a good place for people to express all that comes forth in the face of betrayal:

  • Shock.
  • Denial (this can’t be happening)
  • Bargaining (maybe more states will come forward with appropriate protections, maybe a new amendment can be written to protect women’s rights) 
  • Depression (feelings of helplessness, despair, immobility)
  • RAGE RAGE RAGE (where I am right now)
  • Sorrow.  (interesting, I found myself weeping in yoga this morning not really knowing why…..now I know).

I’m available via FB messenger and email lauri@lauriannlumby.com and text for those who have my private number.

Finally, in case anyone should forget:


I’ve been saying this all along:  in a nation that seems to cater to white men, these are the ones who need to speak out and stand up.  Clearly the US Government doesn’t give a shit about women, people of color, or the poor (who will be most devastated by this ruling). Sadly, it has been proved that our voices don’t matter. The good men need to stand up and make their “brothers” hear. If they don’t, they might find that they will be the ones the vocal minority will be coming after next.

Lauri Ann Lumby has over twenty-five years of experience as a soul-tender, educator and guide. She has supported hundreds through her one-on-one guidance, books, workshops, retreats, over thirty online courses, and online community.

Lauri is the author of seven books focusing on personal development, including Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy.  She is also the author of two poetry collections, and a novel.  

Lauri earned her master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia/ITP University, is a trained Spiritual Director in the Ignatian traditioned and has certificates in Adult Education and Psycho-Spiritual Development. Lauri is a Reiki Master Practitioner in both the Usui and Karuna traditions and is an ordained interfaith minister.  Lauri has also studied and been trained in shamanic practices under the tutelage of Dr. Stephen Schmitz. You can reach Lauri directly by emailing lauri@lauriannlumby.com.  

The Waiting

On just this side of the Solstice portal, we find ourselves in a time of waiting. We have cleared the spent stalks of our former lives and prepared the soil. The seeds of the new have been planted.  Our dreams are beginning to take root and we may be able to just glimpse the sprouts of the new emerging from their home in the soil. It is not yet time to enjoy the fruits of our labors as the harvest has not yet come.  So now we wait.

This time of waiting is appropriate.  While we have made ourselves ready for the new world through all that we have done for ourselves, there remains a world around us that is not yet done with its dying.  Instead, we wait with bated breath teetering on the edge of democracy – will it die (some would suggest it’s already dead) or will it be rescued from the brink of its self-created demise?  This is a difficult time not only for the U.S., but for all other countries who claim democracy as their form of governance as democracy itself is being tested.  Will it survive or collapse under the weight of the corruption that has been allowed to overtake a vision that once dared to suggest a government:  of the people, by the people, for the people.  The coming weeks will be the test of what we’ve been told to believe is freedom.

But is it? Has it ever been? As long as humanity suffers for the sake of a powerful few, we are not free.  As long as humanity lacks the very things needed to support life – access to quality water, food, clothing, shelter, and safety, we are not free.  If the very things we need to thrive as a species – quality education, healthcare, meaningful work at a sustainable wage, are only available to the wealthy few, we are not free.  As the past two-hundred years have proved, democracy, as it’s been experienced in the U.S. anyway, does not guarantee freedom. If we were truly a government of the people, by the people, for the people, we would not be experiencing the great divide between those who have and those who have not, and legislation would benefit the common good instead of the powerful few.

It’s appropriate that democracy is being tested. It is long past time that the nations of this world who wave the flag of democracy take a good hard look at what they truly stand for. The same is true for us.  Beyond what we are observing “out there,” in a world on the edge of its own collapse, we are being asked how we define freedom and how we are creating it in our own lives.  True freedom is not defined by the external circumstances of our lives, but by a deep inner experience of contentment and joy – filled and flowing with love. How are we creating this in our lives?

We’ve done the first steps in clearing that which is no longer life-giving. We’ve planted the seeds of the new. Now is the time to wait and watch – looking for the weeds of the old that might creep in to strangle the sprouts of the new we have envisioned.  As we wait, we might discover that we have planted some of our seeds too closely and that we need to weed out the excess or give them a new home. As we wait, we might find that some of our seeds need additional support or that we have tears to shed from the dying old that we can use to water them. Waiting is not a fallow time.  Instead, it is a time to deepen and strengthen our vision, ensuring that what is coming forth is rooted, anchored, and bearing the abundant fruits of love.

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Potent Portal – Summer Solstice Report

Sisters, Brothers, and Friends,

Today we find ourselves in the center of the potent and powerful Solstice Portal. The portal began just before Tuesday’s full moon and will carry us through the final days of this week.

The 2022 solstice portal is especially potent as it marks final endings (last week’s full moon) and dramatic new beginnings. We have been preparing for this portal since early May, the fruits of which will unfold through October of this year.

Prior to May’s preparations for this portal, we may have found ourselves facing many deaths in our lives – literal and figurative. Things that were once life-giving and were bearing at least some fruit suddenly came to a halt (a halt that you may now be aware had been happening since late 2021).  Some were left empty-handed. No work. No vision for anything new. No amount of effort would bring about the new that was simply not yet to be.  We had to really let our old lives die. 

As of May 1, sparks of the new were beginning to reveal themselves.  For some, what may have begun as glimpses and glimmers turned into a full-on revisioning complete with creating. This was a time of excitement and hope for new opportunities and new beginnings.

Then that full moon on June 14th pulled the plug. Some will have heard this HALT as the reminder that with new beginnings comes a time of rest. We must leave the seeds alone that we have planted so they can begin to take root. The time from the full moon to this week’s solstice is exactly for this.  Rest. Do nothing. Be still. Tend to the mundane.

While we have been biding our time, the energies of the impending solstice have been ramping up.  I’m hearing reports of vertigo, migraines, powerful waves of energy being felt, bizarre dreams and more. The big terminology I’ve heard is “a look back.”  This look back is taking on a wide variety of forms from old physical injuries and pains reappearing, mind loops of former life experiences (old loves, old jobs, old friends, old behavior patterns, etc.), and old fears. Just this morning I was awakened at 2am with a full-blown panic attack – for no reason whatsoever! I wasn’t even having a nightmare.  Just panic for the sake of panic.  UGH!

This look back is an opportunity to bid a final farewell to all that which represented our old lives (completed karmic contracts).  The symptoms of vertigo, headaches, energy waves, dreams, etc. are representative of our Souls’ receiving new instructions, upgraded programming, and revised blueprints for the new lives we have already gotten a glimpse of, but have not yet fully landed.

Remember this is a period of releasing and receiving so if you’re feeling a little under the weather, or just “not quite right,” be kind to yourself as you are being made ready to be catapulted into a whole new life for yourself and it’s normal to feel a little bit of the bends or something akin to altitude sickness as your body adjusts to the new programs coming in while simultaneously cleansing itself of the old that is on its way out.  Drink lots of water and listen to your body’s needs. For example, this morning I was hit by an overwhelming craving for a Hardee’s fried chicken sandwich, curly fries, and a Coke – the last thing I would normally choose to eat! 

Finally, I want to say thank you!  Thank you for the critically important work you have done up to and including the ending of your karmic contracts. Your (often difficult) work was necessary for establishing the foundation for this next stage in humanity’s evolution. The work you will be doing moving forward is known by your Soul and will be revealed in perfect Divine timing and in perfect alignment with who you are and what you need at this stage in your own personal journey.  While one way of being has ended, the new promises to be more life-giving, more fruitful, and more in harmony with all you have come to know about yourself, your unique gifts, and your calling in this world.

The Force is with you!



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  • What is standing in the say of you living the meaningful, fulfilling, joyful, inspired life of your dreams?

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Prayers for a Humanity that Cannot See

I pray for a humanity that cannot see.

Lifetimes pursuing a pointless dream.

If I shout it from the rooftops or scream into the void

they’ll finally seek no more to destroy.

Lay down their arms, their fingers of blame,

tear down the walls of ignorance and shame.

Cross the divide and take down the towers

of those to whom they’ve given their power.

But alas I find they don’t want to fix.

Choosing life over death – the puppet master’s trick.

Heartbreaking and tragic the decision they’ve made

I watch as together they dig their own grave.

Like the death-watch beetle I speak forth their doom –

No longer later, it’s coming quite soon.

Shifting my gaze from repair to surrender

visions of new I now can remember.

The seeds have been planted, builders coming through

it’s the new world that beckons to those who see true.

Soul School with Lauri Ann Lumby is playing its part in planting the seeds of the new world. We are doing so by providing services and programs that support Soul fulfillment (self-actualization).

Self-actualized individuals know:

  • Who they are.
  • Their unique giftedness.
  • How they are called to share those gifts for the sake of their own fulfillment and in service to the betterment of the world.

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Monsters of Humanity’s Making

A darkness has descended.  I can’t see it yet, but I can feel it in every cell of my being. There is sorrow there and despair – but neither are mine.

A collective darkness.

A leaden cloud. 

An impenetrable mist.

It weighs on me heavy – but again, it is not mine.

Something bubbling up from the depths.

A monster?

If so, it’s one of humanity’s own making.

Only the unseeing believe monsters live in the dark.

Instead, they’re right here – out in the open.

Boasting of all they’ve done,

all they’ve gotten and

all they took.

Prideful, bragging, arrogant beasts believing the rules apply to everyone but them, who think the golden rule is for sissies, and only the ignorant “love thy neighbor.” The world is for them to do with it what they will – no matter the cost to everyone but them. Power and money their only concern – leaving death and destruction in their wake.

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse are wholly man-made:





Growing fat over what they’ve made.

Feeding on the hungry.

Consuming the sick.

Devouring the spoils of War.

Feasting on the Dead.

These monsters have no need to hide for humanity has made them their gods. The golden calf keeping humanity enthralled with the empty promise of:

“This too can be yours.”

This then, is the darkness.  Not the monsters themselves – but a dumb and blind humanity averting their gaze from the obvious and true. Afraid to admit they’ve purchased a lie – bought by their own blood, the price of their soul.

The fear that keeps humanity ignorant, mute and blind is palpable.

It has texture and form

With threads made of shame.

Will humanity be ready when the darkness descends?

Will they survive the deluge?

Will they take the blame, accepting responsibility for giving their power away?

When finally awakened,

will humanity come together to vanquish the monsters they have made?

or will they close their eyes and quickly go back to sleep?

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The Gathering Darkness

A Darkness is coming.

‘Tis already here.

To some it brings calm,

to others just fear.

The great No-Thing

some fear more than Death

‘cept those who understand

the true source of breath.

When Darkness gathers

drawn into itself

takes everything with it

most ‘specially wealth.

To that which one clings

and proudly defends

No-Thing seeks out

and puts to an end.

For hands laying open

surrendering the fall,

Darkness rewards

by delivering All.

“Sounds like a riddle,”

Protesteth the vain.”

“It’s merely the Truth,”

say those who remain.

The Darkness beyond mere human sight

is the End, Source, and Bearer

of all we call life.

copyright Lauri Ann Lumby

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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

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