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Magdalene Priesthood Training

Magdalene Priestess Training Testimonials

Honouring and living in the energy of the Divine Feminine is what many women (and men) seek these days.  This is certainly what I was looking for when I came across Lauri’s website and her course on training to be a Magdalene Priestess.  I particularly wanted to learn more about the Mary portrayed in the Bible, but without the religious dogma. 

And this is where Lauri has presented a series of workshops that have captivated me for the last 8 months.  It is a safe environment where I can release my internal struggles whilst Lauri supports and guides me with compassion and a deep knowing of exactly what I need on my journey to becoming an enlightenment woman and Priestess.

Mary H, New Zealand

The Magdalene Priestess training program has enabled me to understand myself through the eyes of the Magdalene energy. To see my magic. My gifts that I always knew where there, but could never own them. 

Through the program I feel I can share this gifts with others to help heal and support through a Divine Love and understanding that we are all one.  Allowing each of us to share our uniqueness and giftedness, and give back to the Divine Universe, and the Divine in all us. “

Maria De Robertis Geltrude 

I have found all the levels and layers of the Priestess training to be deep and truly helpful in my life long search for growth and connection with the Source. It has taught me to listen to my inner awareness and affirmed universal truths  in beautiful ,poetic ways. I am grateful for this and having Lauri’s feedback on personal issues when working on the classes. I’d highly recommend these classes to anyone seeking a depth and inner awareness to  enhance their lives and find meaning in a difficult world. Thank you.

Jane G.  USA

Over the past several years, I did so much spiritual research that I literally researched myself into a “Dark Night of the Soul.” Just recently, for the first time, I prayed to my women ancestors for direction and within days I was led to Lauri Ann Lumby’s ‘Temple of the Magdalene Priestess Training Program.’ This training is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself! It has presented me with a new direction in life, opened new doors of spiritual thought and ways of being for me, and reconnected me not only with the Divine itself, but the Divine within my OWN SELF as well. 

And Lauri is a true “kindred spirit.” She is encouraging and completely genuine, and offers personal feedback through the online classroom to each and every one of her students, as well as privately via personal sessions. She is a true mentor. I truly mean all of these words from my heart.”

Kimberly E. USA

The Magdalene Priestess Training was life changing for me.  After having Mary come to me in a shamanic vision six months prior I had begun to explore her world intensely, finally coming across this wonderful experience.  The training was rich, filled with love, challenging and insightful and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to walk a path with Mary Magdalene as a modern woman or Priestess.

Julie Parker, www.juliesuzanneparker.com

I’m very grateful first off to know Lauri for at least a decade. I have had the privilege of taking all of her courses. The Magdalene Priestess course solidified an anointing into a higher ideation of woman elevated to priestess, goddess and queen. Mary Magdalene has been forgotten, shamed and misrepresented for millennia and it is time to receive the energy, purity and strength of this mystical woman’s desire – all she embodied and claimed – the truth of who she was and who you are. I highly recommend this course as well as any of Lauri’s other work or books.

Linda J.  USA

The Magdalene Priestess Training has been life-changing for me! This training has helped me change my perspective on things happening in my life and how I can discern my gifts and live my most authentic life. Her classes are so empowering to women in a world where we are taught to keep our heads down and our feelings to ourselves. Honestly one of the very best things I have ever done for myself!

Kerry E.  USA

As a business owner, nutrition counselor, and and thought leader in the health care field, I chose to take the Magdalene Priestess Training with Lauri Lumby. I am always interested in learning how to become the best version of myself, and also empower those around me to do the same – to use one’s gifts and express them without regret! I’ve found that on this journey, taking a deeper look at my calling in life and god-given gifts has allowed me to thrive in areas that feel natural to me. Never did I imagine that someday I would be a business owner, boss, speaker, writer, and figure of influence in the community. With that being said, taking care of oneself in order to succeed at those things is key. Lauri has taught me to practice self care, claim my needs and boundaries in life, and it is through her course that I have grasped a better understand of who I am. Knowing my gifts and utilizing what’s unique about myself is very freeing and empowering. And being able to share that love and message with those around me in my professional and personal life is an honor. There’s no need to compare when you know who you, what you bring to this world, and love yourself completely. Thank you, Lauri!

Kimberly S.  USA

As I study each course in my Magdalene Priestess Training I go WoW, this is just what I was looking for, and then along comes the next course and I go WoW WoW again. 

Mary B.H. Great Britain

In looking back over the time it has taken me to complete this course, I cant believe where I am now.
The gifts (magic ) I have to offer from my Spirit.  
The Freedom of authenticity that is flowing from me.
The integration and depth of the Spirit that comes forth.

The fearlessness and contentment of living in this new found Freedom.

I have learned through this program to come back and return…return to myself.
Everytime I struggled with something occurring in my life, 
I would do a lesson in the program and reflect…go inward.

Not seek outward for help, like the old me would do.
But connect to the training …to the Magdalene…to me!

It was a blessing in so many ways.
The Magdalene Priestess Training ultimately allowed me to stand unto myself.
To find dominion in me.
Thank you Lauri…so very much.
Maria G.  USA

What is so amazing to me is in this journey and through each course it has helped to heal my relationship with religion.  In the sense that I don’t need to follow any one direction of spirituality.  It has given me a completely different outlook on scripture and the characters in scripture but also on those who have translated and handed down these teachings.  To stop and consider what personal agendas may have been at stake in recording and passing them on based on the author at the time.  It has taught me to lead through my heart.  How to recognize myself in others both my poor and positive traits and how those are reflecting in those around me. I have to admit that my relationship to Christ has very much been strengthened during this time, and in doing that my sacred feminine feels even more powerful.  I seem to have a very strong relationship to Mother Mary as well, and it may be due to the fact of being in the throws of motherhood now.  I definitely do not feel like the same person from almost 2 years ago.  Now I feel strong in my faith combined with my witchy ways.  You don’t have to choose one or the other.  It’s empowering and wonderful!

Rebecca USA

Additional words from Rebecca:

Accepting the Magdalene call has allowed me to be free. Out of the broom closet and be able to honor my relationship with Christ and the much welcomed Divine Feminine. I feel liberated, I have learned skills and tools in the 2 years it’s taken me to complete this course that are life skills that I can return to again and again and pass them on to my son.  Some of the events in my life over the time it has taken me to complete this course would have been unbearable and could have changed who I am, but I know these teachings have kept me on course.   I resonate with Priestess, healer and witch.  Not in the traditional sense of any of those terms though, but in my own unique way.  The call began early in my life but it was through age and experience that now it makes sense.  With these teachings I look forward to putting more hope, kindness and love into the world.  

Rebecca USA

The Priest/ess-hood of Mary Magdalene has changed me in ways I never expected. I have felt a deep-seeded rage, have (in the words of Alanis Morisett), “unabashedly bawled my eyes out,” and I have basked in the pure joy of fellowship with my fellow Magdalenes. In just over a year I not only completed one training course (two if Authentic Freedom/Deepening Authentic Freedom can be counted    separately), I am furthering my training in the Order of Melchizedek. It is truly a homecoming. Thank you, Lauri, for helping me to have faith in myself and my gifts. And a shout out to the Supernal Mother whose been putting up with my stubborn, procrastinating ass all these years. 

Carol K. USA

“It is time for you to take up the veil and teach!” Jesus said to me in meditation his loving eyes piercing into my soul. As he speaks these words, I feel a veil being placed upon my head by two women. This 15 month journey has been a process of remembering and owning who I truly am and how I am uniquely called to be of service to the world. I have always been a Magdalene. One of many who are called to be love in the world, each in her own unique way.

            How am I uniquely called to be of service in the world? First in my own healing and then in service to the world? My path is the path of the healer, but not in the traditional sense. The main gift I have been given is the gift of encouragement along with love of learning (knowledge). Through the vehicle of teaching, am I to create a safe place so that a person can be uniquely themselves in all its messy glory of being human at this time on this planet. From a place of non-judgement and acceptance a person can begin to remember their own unique gift and purpose. As the spark of remembrance ignites in each of us, we become a light in this world. Our individual light will combine with others to illuminate this world with love. It is a collaborative effort and we are each needed. My job is to be that support and encouragement as someone begins the process of clearing away all that stands in the way of them radiating their own light in the world.

            So how did I get to this point? This is what the 15 month journey has been about. What did I need to clear away? The false perception that I am separate from God. We are all one with God. Always have been, always will be. This wound acts out differently in people but the source is the same.  All of the courses in the Magdalene training were about digging into and clearing that wound.

Valerie G.  USA

What I have mainly learned is that I have believed in a punishing God. I didn’t even know that I believed in a punishing God.

I have seen how I practiced punishing myself before a punishing God would punish me, in order to buy me time before God would kill me as punishment for taking God’s place and believing I had created myself.

I see how I practiced punishment in everything. Punishment has really been like the air I breathe, or what water is for a fish. It’s been my whole life and I have not been able to see it because it has really been everything.

Now I have begun the journey back Home to a loving God. The journey to realize and live the truth that I do not have to punish myself. On the contrary, God wants me to have and be everything I want and desire.

It does not mean indulgent in food, sex, money or anything else. This means that I can relax and just be who I am without demands.

I have thought that I must be something e.g. famous, rich, special, admired, or roles as mom, entrepreneur, wife, writer. I can relax from being just who I am. I am a child of God, love created by love and I can have and be everything.

Anna A.  Sweden