The Nature of Evil

The Nature of Evil

Beyond the world of duality


In the dualistic world


As TWO I AM Goodness,

and the opposite of Goodness

which is Evil.

In the dualistic world

Evil seems the antithesis to Goodness,

but from the place of Union

Goodness and Evil are One – inseparable as the Whole.

The Evil serves the Good

and Good has need of Evil.

In the dualistic world,

without the force of Evil

humanity would never find the Good

and Good would be absent of purpose –

which becomes its own kind of Evil.

Salvation is not in overcoming Evil.

Neither is it in becoming only Good.

Redemption is found in embracing the ALL

so much so that only Compassion remains.

copyright Lauri Ann Lumby

When a Dream is More than a Dream

I write this from a place of profound physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion, for

last night in my dreams I was fighting demons.

Literally!  Like several of my spiritual sisters and brothers, I am increasingly finding that much of my work of service to the world is accomplished while sleeping. I know that the dreams are more than just dreams when I wake up in a cold sweat, heart pounding, and feeling exhausted – as if I’d just done battle. Because I have.

The evils we know in our world are not simply present to us on the physical plane. These evils are in the hearts and minds of human beings and are present within the collective consciousness. These evils are present within our genetic memory and are encoded in our DNA.  Scripture isn’t wrong when it says that the “sins of the father will be visited upon his sons to the third and fourth generation (Ex 20:5, 34:7).”  Evil begets evil, and it takes generations to change that.

If we want to truly be free of evil in our world, we have to address it on more than just the physical plane.  Addressing evil and its causes at the emotional and psychological level is the work of psychologists and spiritual counselors. Addressing evil on the level of consciousness, genetic memory, DNA, and in the invisible planes within and behind consciousness is the job of an exorcist.

This work of spiritual exorcism is where I am increasingly finding myself.

NOT BY MY CHOICE!  Who in their right mind would volunteer for the work of exorcism!?  And yet here is where I find myself along with several of my spiritual sisters and brothers who have come together for this work.  Whether it be through dreams, visions, or direct guidance, we are being led to the “demons” that lay behind the evil actions of humanity.  We are then asked to do the work of transforming the fears out of which these demons are made (all “demons” are made of fear, as such, all evil is caused by unhealed fears), so that the “demon” might be freed to return to its original nature as Love.

Love is indeed the Source of all.

Evil is simply unhealed fear wanting to be returned to Love.

When I’m not freaked out by this work (seriously God, exorcism!?), I am profoundly humbled and grateful for the years of inner work and disciplined training that has given me the tools and the courage to do this.  I am also grateful for and in awe of the sisters and brothers who have shown up with a similar and complementary calling.  It’s almost as if some Divine intelligence had planned this all along – a ready made team of exorcists helping to heal the world and rid it of the unhealed fears and conditioning that have caused us to forget who we really are –

The sons and daughters of LOVE.

Lauri Ann Lumby has formulized the training she accomplished which prepared her to do the work of spiritual exorcist, spiritual counselor and mentor into her two foundational training programs. Click on the links to the right to learn more.

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Spiritual Counseling:

Lauri’s gifts as a spiritual counselor are centered in her ability to see. She sees your truth along with what might be hindering your ability to live that truth fully. By seeing clearly, Lauri can help guide you through the process of identifying, healing and transforming the wounds, fears, traumas and conditioning that keep you from living a life in which your purpose is fully embodied and your mission fulfilled.

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