Vision of a New World

This morning while in meditation I was given a vision of the entrance into a new world. The entrance was made of two arched doorways atop of which was a stone crossbeam with the following words etched upon it:

…of the people, by the people, for all people.

Reminiscent of Abraham Lincoln’s prophetic hope for the rebirth of a nation, these words spoke to a new world that committed to undoing all the wrongs that prevented Lincoln’s vision for ever taking hold. When I read these words, I wept for a nation and a world that had failed itself. I then felt within me a renewed spark of hope – knowing that deep within the potential of humanity is the possibility of rebuilding our world anew.

This new world was built by those who had survived the time of destruction and seen the devastation that had been brought about by humanity’s greed. Instead of creating more of what had been, humanity had come together to create something new. Understanding that humanity’s survival was dependent on the wellbeing of the planet, care for the earth was now of primary concern. Gone were the days of poisoning our waters, our air, and our soil. Banished were the chemicals and processes that sought to manipulate or control nature. These were replaced by ancient practices of sustainability directed first at caring for the land and second for harnessing the inherent cooperation of nature.  Technology now worked on behalf of the earth and all who lived upon her and new technologies were developed that gave more to the earth than what it took.

Weary of the division that had imprisoned them in conflict, humanity came together in support of the common good.  Shifting their gaze from fierce individualism, decisions were now made in consideration of both the collective good and on how decisions might impact the most vulnerable among us. Recognizing how the lack of self-awareness, personal and collective accountability had been the cause of the old world’s destruction, the new world placed psychological development of utmost importance – with all education geared toward supporting the inherent giftedness of each individual while providing the necessary resources and training through which one might best fulfill their potential.  Success was now measured more by an inner sense of fulfillment than by one’s position in society.

More than anything, what defined this new world was a deep spirit of cooperation. Each individual was valued for their unique contribution to the whole. Every resource was counted as gift. Diversity was celebrated as contributing to the betterment of the whole. Harmony was valued above conflict and collaboration above competition.  In this new world, peace and compassion reigned, the magnificent beauty of nature was restored, and humanity lived in cooperation with each other, the planet, and all of creation. And life was good.