Building the New World Starts with You

Building our new world begins with ourselves and the choices we make around how we want to live our lives and what we want our new worlds to look like.  For those who have found their way to the Soul School community, the world we build will be reflective of our individual temperaments and desires yet rooted in our unique calling to be of service to the betterment of our world.  But again, bettering our world, begins with us and with the choices we make around how we want to live our lives. 

I cannot speak for others, but for myself, the new world of which I want to be a part is quieter, simpler, gentler and kinder than the world we have been living in.  It is a world that treats our planet gently and with great honor, acknowledging that it is only in treating the earth as sacred that She might produce the fruits that we need to survive.  It is a world in which every human being is honored as holy and sacred and where diversity is not only honored but celebrated.  It is a world that supports the full development of every single human being by providing the resources we need not only to survive, but to thrive. 

Yes, these are big dreams, and I know this is possible when we begin to make these choices for ourselves.  When we as individuals live simply, gently, quietly, kindly; when we treat our world as sacred – taking only what we truly need while sharing the surplus with others; when we treat other human beings with dignity, honor and respect and when we work to insure the needs of all humans are being met to not only survive (food, clothing, shelter, safety, healthcare), but also to thrive (education, enrichment, self-development, etc.) then it can be done.  But again, it starts with US.

Over the past several years, I have been taking the steps to building my own new world, steps that I have found to be very simple:

Laying the Foundation:

            The foundation of my life has always been my relationship with the Divine.  In my NOW and into my NEW world, this foundation will continue and as I have witnessed, deepen.  I begin my morning with my spiritual practice and return to it frequently throughout the day. This simple time dedicated to myself and the Divine of my understanding is the foundation out of which the rest of my life unfolds.  Everything I need for guidance, inspiration, understanding and to find a place of comfort and safety in an insane world, I find within these moments.  Even when I’m not in a time of dedicated meditation and prayer, the fruits of my practice continue to unfold.  With this I have come to understand Paul’s invitation that we “pray without ceasing.”  When this relationship is the foundation of our lives, everything becomes a prayer.

Building the Supports:

            Cultivating well-being.  My physical and emotional health are critical to me.  With this I make healthy choices.  I choose healthy foods.  I enjoy gentle exercise (yoga and walking).  I take supplements and my prescribed medications.  I do what I need to do to keep my mind and my spirit healthy (meditation, yoga, setting healthy boundaries, honoring my need for solitude, choosing how and with whom I want to spend my time).

Ongoing learning: As part of my temperament and passion, I have been given the gift of learning.  I love to learn.  As such, I take time each day to cultivate learning.  I learn.  I study.  I explore. 

            Time for enjoyment:  “All work and no play makes Lauri a dull girl.”  I’m kind of boring anyway and I like boring, but that is not to say I don’t have enjoyment.  I take time to read for pleasure and I love a good movie or binge-worthy television series.  The more magical or mystical the better, but even a good piece of historical fiction can whet my appetite.

Don’t Forget the Aesthetics:

Our new world is meant to be enjoyable and to have beauty.  This will mean different things to different people, but to me, my world has beauty when I am nurturing, cultivating and sharing my gifts – for my own fulfillment and in service to the betterment of the world.  As such, this is about:

            Taking time to CREATE: I write.  I draw.  I publish books.  I develop and share curriculum.  I cook.  I clean.  I nurture my children.  I show kindness and am a listening ear to those I meet.  I nurture my friendships – old and new. 

            Being a Source of Support for Others: Making myself available for guidance and support for others through my books, online classes and services, local gatherings and one-on-one support through Reiki and Spiritual Counseling.

Questions for your own reflection:

What is the new world you want to create for yourself?

What steps are you taking in support of this new world?

Feeling Numb? You’re Not Alone!

Numb. Slow. Unmotivated. Paralyzed. Uninspired. Despairing. Blank. Grey. Depressed. Sad.  These are the words people have been using to describe how they are currently feeling. It seems we are experiencing a collective numbness, the likes of which no one (in my generation at least) has ever experienced.

We are suffering from what I’m going to call PPTSD:  Post Pandemic Traumatic Stress Disorder.  We might also call it:  Post Political Traumatic Stress Disorder because it seems that literally everything has become a political issue over which people are  choosing to argue, fight, and divide.

For the past three years (I might argue since 2016), we have been bombarded with one violent event after another: contentious elections, school shootings, insurrections, a pandemic that some decided to make political, the rising cost of housing, inflation, “supply chain issues,” “food shortages,” global warming/climate change, the whole world on fire, war in Ukraine, the threat of violence from China, etc. etc. etc. The bombardment has been CONSTANT.  Every minute of every day we are getting pummeled by one threat after another. It’s exhausting.

No human was meant to experience this kind of constant external assault.  We were not wired for this. If you happen to be sensitive, an empath and/or healer, the effect has been even more profound. And there is no sign of things lightening up. Until the current system is done with its dying (for what we are really witnessing is the death of an empire and any system built on a similar foundation of fear, power, oppression, and control), the writhing and screaming will continue.

We have a right to feel numb, unmotivated, paralyzed, uninspired, etc.  We were not made for this kind of constant, collective trauma – especially one of this nature over which it seems we have no control. 

The old world is dying and dying it must. We cannot save it.  Neither should we try. That does not mean, however, that there isn’t SOMETHING WE CAN DO! As the current world, rooted in fear, power, oppression, and control is dying, a new world IS being born to take its place:

See, I am doing a new thing!

Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

Isaiah 43: 19a

A new world is being born among us, and we are the ones who have been quietly and stealthily building it. It is being born out of our unwillingness to submit to the status quo. It is being born out of our inherent sense of value and refusing to work in conditions or for pay that doesn’t reflect that value. It’s being born out of our love for the planet and our decisions to treat her more lovingly through our buying and growing decisions. It’s being born out of our care and concern for our children, and out of our hope for their future. It’s being born out of the generation of young people paving a new path to self-sufficiency through the creation of innovative business ventures. It’s being born out of those who have untied themselves from societal/religious/institutional conditioning, discovering their own truth, and living from that truth freely.

While we cannot escape the trauma of the dying world in its death throes, perhaps we can find hope in the new world that is being born, and inspiration for how we might begin or deepen our participation in its creation.  

Mastering the Flame

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