Monsters of Humanity’s Making

A darkness has descended.  I can’t see it yet, but I can feel it in every cell of my being. There is sorrow there and despair – but neither are mine.

A collective darkness.

A leaden cloud. 

An impenetrable mist.

It weighs on me heavy – but again, it is not mine.

Something bubbling up from the depths.

A monster?

If so, it’s one of humanity’s own making.

Only the unseeing believe monsters live in the dark.

Instead, they’re right here – out in the open.

Boasting of all they’ve done,

all they’ve gotten and

all they took.

Prideful, bragging, arrogant beasts believing the rules apply to everyone but them, who think the golden rule is for sissies, and only the ignorant “love thy neighbor.” The world is for them to do with it what they will – no matter the cost to everyone but them. Power and money their only concern – leaving death and destruction in their wake.

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse are wholly man-made:





Growing fat over what they’ve made.

Feeding on the hungry.

Consuming the sick.

Devouring the spoils of War.

Feasting on the Dead.

These monsters have no need to hide for humanity has made them their gods. The golden calf keeping humanity enthralled with the empty promise of:

“This too can be yours.”

This then, is the darkness.  Not the monsters themselves – but a dumb and blind humanity averting their gaze from the obvious and true. Afraid to admit they’ve purchased a lie – bought by their own blood, the price of their soul.

The fear that keeps humanity ignorant, mute and blind is palpable.

It has texture and form

With threads made of shame.

Will humanity be ready when the darkness descends?

Will they survive the deluge?

Will they take the blame, accepting responsibility for giving their power away?

When finally awakened,

will humanity come together to vanquish the monsters they have made?

or will they close their eyes and quickly go back to sleep?

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