A Change in Direction

In the summer of 1994, I had an experience that forever changed the course of my life. I had been languishing, feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, and out of place in my fifth corporate job in almost as many years. I knew that I was not in the right career path and that corporate work just wasn’t for me. I had been begging and pleading the universe for support in finding my true path – the path of my soul, and that which would lead to a sense of meaning and fulfillment and which might help to serve the betterment of our world.

The answer came in a startling and unexpected way. While attending mass one Sunday, the pastor, in his homily said, “If there’s something you want to do and you haven’t done it yet, get off your ass and do it now.” I felt his words like a lightening bolt through my entire body as I saw a red brick fly through the air and hit me in the head. Perhaps this was the answer – or at least the invitation. I scheduled an appointment with my pastor and thus began the beginning of the path that would lead me to where I am today.

What began as ministry formation through the Catholic Church led to training as a spiritual director, which then led me on the path of Reiki healing. I secured a paid position with the Church, eventually leaving the corporate world behind.

This, however, was just the beginning. I worked in the Church for ten years, and during that time, applied ancient knowledge and practice into what became a nine-month curriculum in human psycho-spiritual development. Through this training, participants began to discover their unique gifts and how they were being called to use these gifts in the world for the sake of their own fulfillment and in service to the betterment of the world. I saw the results of this training first in myself, and then in those I guided. This was meaningful and fulfilling work and I knew I was on to something.

Then Reiki happened. Suffice it to say that hierarchy and the movement of the Holy Spirit collided. Eventually I had to make a choice between my Church and the calling that God had given me.  I chose God.

This choosing took place over many years with lots of bargaining and excruciating grief, but since 2008 I have been free of institutional constraints and have been leading individuals and groups on the journey of their own psycho-spiritual development using the curriculum that has its roots in my time in Church ministry, but which has unfolded in a way to speak to and meet the needs of a universal audience. Since then, I have published ten books, created over thirty courses geared toward supporting participants in their own journey of self-actualization, and led hundreds on that journey.

I do this work because I have seen the benefits in my own life and in the life of my clients and students. When we take the time to uncover our unique giftedness, discern how we are called to share the gifts in the world, and then move through the inner obstacles to living out of those gifts, we experience a sense of meaning and fulfillment in our lives which leads us to a deep state of inner contentment and joy. While attending graduate school, I learned that the word for this acquired knowledge and experience is self-actualization.  I also learned, and have seen for myself, that self-actualized humans naturally and effortlessly work from their own unique gifts in support of their own fulfillment and for the betterment of the world. Self-actualization in one benefits our world in exponential ways.  It has therefore become my mission to support the betterment of our world by supporting self-actualization one person at a time.

A Life of Meaning and Fulfillment

Soul School with Lauri Ann Lumby is a one-of-a-kind education platform that provides the resources and tools to support you in becoming self-actualized so that you might enjoy the meaningful and fulfilling life of your dreams.

  • Embodied learning
  • Where knowledge meets practice
  • Combining education, spirituality, and psychology
  • Applying ancient wisdom
  • The marriage of scholarship and mysticism
  • Rooted in empowerment

Now Offering Distance Reiki

I am a Reiki Master Practitioner and have been sharing Reiki since 1999.  I am now accepting clients for distance Reiki sessions.  Distance Reiki works no differently than Reiki done face-to-face and can even be experienced more deeply. I offers a variety of ways in which you can receive Reiki.

  • 30 minute sessions
  • 60 minute sessions
  • 90 minute sessions enhanced with in-depth processing work

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a “hands-on” technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki helps to restore balance and flow to the life-force within us that governs our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being. When this energy is released from restrictions and brought into proper balance and flow, we are more likely to feel relaxed and the body’s own innate healing abilities are utilized for healing.

What does Reiki feel like?

While the patient is seated or lying down and fully clothed, the practitioner’s hands are placed along energy centers and pathways on the head, neck, chest, abdomen, legs, and feet. During the treatment the patient may feel sensations of warmth, coolness or gentle tingling, or just deep relaxation as their own life-force energy is activated, unblocked, and balance is restored. Reiki can also be done via distance as energy is not restricted by time or space.

What are the benefits?

Reiki can treat the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our being. Reiki can reduce depression and anxiety, relieve stress, accelerate recovery from illness and injury, decrease pain, release blocked emotions, aid in removal of toxins from the body and provide a greater sense of well-being.

Lauri earned her master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia/ITP University, is a trained Spiritual Director in the Ignatian traditioned and has certificates in Adult Education and Psycho-Spiritual Development. Lauri is a Reiki Master Practitioner in both the Usui and Karuna traditions and is an ordained interfaith minister.  Lauri has also studied and been trained in shamanic practices under the tutelage of Dr. Stephen Schmitz.

In Defense of Reiki

I am honored to have been at the forefront of the conflict between the Catholic Church and Reiki – a conflict that (at least officially) continues. To my knowledge, the Catholic Church HAS NOT rescinded it’s prohibition against Reiki.

Oshkosh WI 2/9/11: Photo by Jeannette Merten.

I first heard my calling to practice Reiki in the late 80’s and it wasn’t until 1999 that I found the path that resonated with me. My path of Reiki training was facilitated by CATHOLIC NUNS! I have always seen Reiki as part of my ministry of service to the world and as a natural response to Jesus’ call that we continue the healing work he did in the world. Jesus laid hands on people for the purpose of healing. Why wouldn’t we do the same?

Below are the opportunities I was given to respond to this conflict. I continue to stand in support of Reiki and the calling thousands have been given to be a source of healing in the world through hands-on-healing.

Reiki allows me to continue the healing ministry of Jesus.
Reiki and the Catholic Church
Obedience to God or Man?

You may also find support through my book, Christouch – a Christ-Centered Approach to Energy Medicine through Hands-on-Healing.

Lauri Ann Lumby is a trained Reiki Master Practitioner who completed her training under the guidance of Maureen Conroy, RSM and Donna Koch, SFHC. You can reach Lauri at lauri@lauriannlumby.com or by calling (920) 230-1313. Lauri lives in Oshkosh, WI and provides local as well as remote Reiki services.