Has Humanity Lost Its Humanity?

The short answer is “yes” but not for what we think.

“It’s just another existential crisis Sunday…..”

This world is unwell and I feel unwell because of it. Too much conflict. Too much hatred. Too much division. Too much unnecessary……everything.

This world is too much.

Humanity has lost its humanity.

We are living on borrowed time and few seem to care.

I could scream it from the rooftops, but no one is listening.

It’s just too much.

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

There are thousands – perhaps millions of us crying out for change – for healing to come to our broken world, but the ongoing conflict drowns us out, and the pointing fingers of mutual blame eclipses us from view.

“Keep the people distracted and they’ll never see the real truth.”

We are NOT each other’s enemy. The enemy is as it’s always been – gluttony, the lust for power, and greed.  The enemy pits us against each other so we will be too busy fighting each other to see they are stealing the world right before our eyes and from right beneath our feet.

Taking…..taking….taking…..until there is nothing left to life off of.

The irony being that as they take all we need to survive, they are also destroying themselves.  A vacuum left untended will eventually collapse into itself.

We have to get this right – or our species will perish.

No wonder billionaires are building rockets to escape the hell they’ve created.

What we’ve forgotten in all these distractions is that we have a choice. In fact – this is what the enemy has done – convincing us we have no choice.


The first choice is to STOP seeing each other as the enemy.

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