Who Can Endure Her Coming?

I beheld a vision of the Ancient One entombed upon her throne.

Just then a voice cried out to me from the heavens:

“Behold the Ancient One,

The Queen of Heaven,

The Mother of All.

See how She quakes and trembles

over the evils of humanity –

over all the destruction they have wrought upon this earth.

Observe how She is breaking free of her imprisonment –

readying to rise again.

She is coming on wings of fire.

But who can endure her coming?

She is like a refiner’s fire

purifying humanity of its impurities

until only the good remains.

Who can stand when She appears?

Who or what will remain?

Those who have survived the test

and who have chosen the Way of Love,

are those, who with Her guidance and support,

shall create the world anew.

Copyright Lauri Ann Lumby

Art of Hildegard of Bingen – public domain

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