A Storm is Coming!

A storm is coming.

Actually, it’s already here, but many are still in denial of that storm. The storm that is coming, will be so obvious and so painful (to some) that people will no longer be able to remain in denial or content in avoidance.  

If you have spent the past many years nurturing and cultivating your inner well-being, healing your wounds, addressing your trauma, and developing the strength of detachment along with the wisdom of witness consciousness, you will be safe from the storm. You will see it and understand it to be simply another symptom of a system in collapse and as the death throes of dying empires.

If you have preferred to remain ignorant or have been clinging to the dying system, you are in for a rude awakening. Those who have been hiding the evils they have inflicted on this world and on all of creation will be seen for who they really are and what they’ve really been doing. This will be a shocking revelation to those attached to the dying system, especially those who have benefitted from a system defined by division that gets its power through fear, power, manipulation, oppression, and control.

There is nothing we can do to prepare for this storm. There are no bunkers, stockpiles, or doomsday preparations that will keep one safe from the revelations that will turn our world upside down. Some are already aware of the deep layers of corruption that currently govern our world. Fewer are aware of the pure evil in which this corruption is rooted.

Many veils have already been pulled away and what we’ve been forced to see so far has been sickening enough. What is coming is will strike horror in the minds of those who continue to believe in a system that has already failed the majority of humanity. If you haven’t seen this, you haven’t been paying attention. Get ready to have your eyes opened. This time, you will not be able to look away.

To my sisters and brothers who have been preparing and training for this, thank you! Your resilience will be called upon, along with your wisdom. You’ve known this was coming.  You’ve done the often painful inner work of readying yourself for this time. You have developed the skills and the abilities to weather systemic collapse and to support others in doing the same. Your gifts and your experience will be called upon. In a time while the rest of the world seems to be dying, you will find yourself riding the wave while thriving in a world that is finally ready to accept your gifts.

Love’s Speed!


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