The Gathering Darkness

A Darkness is coming.

‘Tis already here.

To some it brings calm,

to others just fear.

The great No-Thing

some fear more than Death

‘cept those who understand

the true source of breath.

When Darkness gathers

drawn into itself

takes everything with it

most ‘specially wealth.

To that which one clings

and proudly defends

No-Thing seeks out

and puts to an end.

For hands laying open

surrendering the fall,

Darkness rewards

by delivering All.

“Sounds like a riddle,”

Protesteth the vain.”

“It’s merely the Truth,”

say those who remain.

The Darkness beyond mere human sight

is the End, Source, and Bearer

of all we call life.

copyright Lauri Ann Lumby

Special Live Event

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

6:30 – 8:30 pm (cdt)

Click on the image below to learn more and register.

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