A “True” Irish History

Wisdom of the Ancestors

A “true” Irish history handed down by The Three Seabhean

This is the first of many installments of guidance I have received through deep shamanic experiences in which The Mothers have made contact with me for the purpose of imparting ancient wisdom and knowledge upon a world greatly in need.  They have told me that if humanity is to survive, it must remember and reintegrate the wisdom of the ancients – especially that which has been held and transmitted through women across time – both consciously and unconsciously through ancestral memory. Take in these messages what speaks to you and bring it deep into your heart where it might find its way to embodiment, awakening your own ancestral knowledge so that too can be brought forward in our world.

This is especially for the women, but men may find wisdom here as well. At the heart of things, we are all one and it is only in working together and bringing forth our shared knowledge and wisdom that the world may once again be restored to the peace that was once known by the ancients.

This is my gift to you!

I am humbled to be the messenger.

Lauri Ann Lumby of Clann McMahon


The Three Seabhean

Transmission received on 3.15.23

I was sitting in meditation, while holding the heart shaped basalt stone I had found while making a pilgrimage to The Giant’s Causeway in Bushmills, Northern Ireland. I drew my consciousness to the shore of The Giant’s Causeway and began my journey there. I called upon the stone to lead me to my most ancient of ancestors.

In my journey toward my ancestors, I was first drawn to myself and my two sisters, then to my mom and her two sisters, and then to my grandmother and two of her sisters.  A knowledge was implanted in me of the power of three sisters. This knowledge took me back and back and back, along my matrilinear line, back through centuries and eons to a time before history began its distortion of things, to a time before the world was male-led and was instead equally led where women and men together guided and protected the clann.  In these ancient times, individuals were valued for their unique gifts and those gifts were nurtured and cultivated for the good of the individual and for the thrival of the clann.

This journey through the matrilineal line, through all the eternal chain of three sisters, I came upon what I have been guided to acknowledge as: The Three Seabhean (pronounced Sheh-Bean). (a note of thanks to Amantha Murphy for first alerting me to the title Seabhean and all it entails).

The Three Seabhean appeared as the most ancient of women, wearing thick woolen cloaks, facing me. As I came upon them, they grasped me by the nape of the neck, and proclaimed, “Yer not of the north!” and I saw myself being dragged south from the northern shore of Ireland to the south – to County Kerry my ancestral home.

I then found myself standing on the other side of a fire pit, across which sat the Three Seabhean. We were outside, on a grassy slope under a backdrop of grey stones covered in moss. The sisters sat on stones, smoking from long wooden pipes and chuckling together. The energy I got from the sisters was like that I remember of my old aunties when they were together – laughing, playing games, telling jokes, and sharing tales. I immediately felt at home with the Three Seabhean. So I asked them,

“Am I of the Clann McMahon?”

“Aye, and No,” they responded with a giggle.

They went on to explain, “Yer of a more ancient kind, as are we. We are even more ancient than thee, but ye are ancient too. In time we will explain the history of our kind, as well as thine, but for now it is enough that we have met. You have opened the door through which we may now transmit the most ancient of knowledge, both for your own sake and for the sake of your kind. The world, as you know it, is in grave danger. Humanity has wreaked havoc on the The Mother and in doing so, has put themselves at great risk. The reclamation of ancient knowledge is one of two parts critical for the survival of your species. We are here to impart our share of that knowledge as ancients of every culture are doing through those open to remembering and sharing this knowledge. Thank you for being open. What we share with you and which you in turn will share will place a ripple upon the great pond of healing that will help humanity right their wrongs, if they choose to do so. If they do not, we will also show you how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe as we have been down this road before.”

That was the end of this transmission.

Wisdom of the Ancestors

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