Potent Portal – Summer Solstice Report

Sisters, Brothers, and Friends,

Today we find ourselves in the center of the potent and powerful Solstice Portal. The portal began just before Tuesday’s full moon and will carry us through the final days of this week.

The 2022 solstice portal is especially potent as it marks final endings (last week’s full moon) and dramatic new beginnings. We have been preparing for this portal since early May, the fruits of which will unfold through October of this year.

Prior to May’s preparations for this portal, we may have found ourselves facing many deaths in our lives – literal and figurative. Things that were once life-giving and were bearing at least some fruit suddenly came to a halt (a halt that you may now be aware had been happening since late 2021).  Some were left empty-handed. No work. No vision for anything new. No amount of effort would bring about the new that was simply not yet to be.  We had to really let our old lives die. 

As of May 1, sparks of the new were beginning to reveal themselves.  For some, what may have begun as glimpses and glimmers turned into a full-on revisioning complete with creating. This was a time of excitement and hope for new opportunities and new beginnings.

Then that full moon on June 14th pulled the plug. Some will have heard this HALT as the reminder that with new beginnings comes a time of rest. We must leave the seeds alone that we have planted so they can begin to take root. The time from the full moon to this week’s solstice is exactly for this.  Rest. Do nothing. Be still. Tend to the mundane.

While we have been biding our time, the energies of the impending solstice have been ramping up.  I’m hearing reports of vertigo, migraines, powerful waves of energy being felt, bizarre dreams and more. The big terminology I’ve heard is “a look back.”  This look back is taking on a wide variety of forms from old physical injuries and pains reappearing, mind loops of former life experiences (old loves, old jobs, old friends, old behavior patterns, etc.), and old fears. Just this morning I was awakened at 2am with a full-blown panic attack – for no reason whatsoever! I wasn’t even having a nightmare.  Just panic for the sake of panic.  UGH!

This look back is an opportunity to bid a final farewell to all that which represented our old lives (completed karmic contracts).  The symptoms of vertigo, headaches, energy waves, dreams, etc. are representative of our Souls’ receiving new instructions, upgraded programming, and revised blueprints for the new lives we have already gotten a glimpse of, but have not yet fully landed.

Remember this is a period of releasing and receiving so if you’re feeling a little under the weather, or just “not quite right,” be kind to yourself as you are being made ready to be catapulted into a whole new life for yourself and it’s normal to feel a little bit of the bends or something akin to altitude sickness as your body adjusts to the new programs coming in while simultaneously cleansing itself of the old that is on its way out.  Drink lots of water and listen to your body’s needs. For example, this morning I was hit by an overwhelming craving for a Hardee’s fried chicken sandwich, curly fries, and a Coke – the last thing I would normally choose to eat! 

Finally, I want to say thank you!  Thank you for the critically important work you have done up to and including the ending of your karmic contracts. Your (often difficult) work was necessary for establishing the foundation for this next stage in humanity’s evolution. The work you will be doing moving forward is known by your Soul and will be revealed in perfect Divine timing and in perfect alignment with who you are and what you need at this stage in your own personal journey.  While one way of being has ended, the new promises to be more life-giving, more fruitful, and more in harmony with all you have come to know about yourself, your unique gifts, and your calling in this world.

The Force is with you!



Soul School Asks You:

  • What are the dreams and passions that inspire you?
  • What give you a sense of meaning and purpose?
  • What leaves you feeling content and deeply fulfilled?
  • What sets your heart aflame and fills you with joy?
  • What is your unique gift to the world?
  • What is standing in the say of you living the meaningful, fulfilling, joyful, inspired life of your dreams?

Soul School helps you answer these questions then supports you in overcoming the fears, unhealed, sounds, vulnerabilities, past traumas, and conditioning that are keeping you from living a meaningful, joyful, fulfilling, and inspired life!

Soul School Asks You

What are the dreams and passions that inspire you?

What gives you a sense of meaning and purpose?

What leaves you feeling content and deeply fulfilled?

What sets your heart aflame and fills you with joy?

What is your unique gift to the world?

What is standing in the way of you living the meaningful, fulfilling, joyful, inspired life of your dreams?

Soul School helps you answer these questions and then supports you in overcoming the fears, unhealed wounds, vulnerabilities, past traumas, and conditioning that are keeping you from living a meaningful, joyful, fulfilling, and inspired life!

Soul Tending


Soul is the uniquely creative way in which you have been gifted to find meaning and purpose in your life and the way in which you are called to find fulfillment in service to the betterment of the world. Soul is your true self – the part of you that knows your gift and your call, and is that which compels you to seek out, discover, cultivate, and nurture those gifts and their calling, thereby empowering you to share your gifts in service to the betterment of the world.   -Lauri Ann Lumby


A Soul-Tender is one who guides and supports others in the unfolding and fulfillment of their soul.


The process through which you are supported in coming to understand your unique giftedness and calling and empowered to live that out for the sake of your own fulfillment and in service to the betterment of the world. 

Lauri Ann Lumby, MATP

Has over twenty-five years of experience as a soul-tender, educator and guide. She has supported hundreds through her one-on-one guidance, books, workshops, retreats, over thirty online courses, and online community.

Learn more about Lauri’s education and qualifications HERE.

Soul Tending Packages

Soul Tending Eternal Flame Package

The Eternal Flame Package is our most comprehensive offering, providing more support and guidance than you will receive through individual sessions alone.

Upon registration you will embark on a thirteen-month journey, where you will be guided through the labyrinth of soul-discovery, transformation, and empowerment, using Lauri’s tried and tested model for the fulfillment of the soul. 

The Eternal Flame Package combines thirteen monthly one-on-one sessions with monthly assignments in support of your soul’s enduring fulfillment.

Training includes, but is not limited to:

  • Personality, Temperament, and Gifts Assessments.
  • Exploration of the Soul’s calling.
  • Uncovering and transforming the obstacles to living out that calling through a variety of mindfulness, creativity, and shamanic practices including Lauri’s trademarked Authentic Freedom™ protocol.
  • Depth work – identifying ungrieved losses, unhealed wounds, past traumas, ancestral trauma, and learning shamanic practices for transforming and releasing them.
  • Shadow work – uncovering the unintegrated and often rejected parts of self and bringing them into wholeness.
  • Ongoing support.

Soul Tending Individual Sessions

Single one-on-one sessions to help you get started on your journey, to kick-start a journey that has become stagnant, to address specific issues, or for ongoing support after completing the full Soul-Tending program. Learn more HERE.

The Modern Priestess

Priestess is a word that has been used to apply to a wide variety of meanings, experiences, and expressions.  At the Temple of the Magdalene, Priestess means something quite specific and can apply to individuals of any gender.

Being a Priestess relates not to a specific role, but to a commitment to self-development, personal fulfillment, and service.

A Priestess:

  • Is self-aware and working toward self-actualization.
  • Is accountable to their inner wounds and is working to heal them.
  • Is sovereign unto themselves.
  • Is fulfilled within themselves.
  • Enjoys a life of meaning and purpose for the sake of their own fulfillment while serving the betterment of the world. 

A Priestess lives out their own sovereignty in a way that is based on their own unique giftedness and Soul-calling.

A Priestess might live out that calling in any number of ways, (not limited to the leader of ritual which seems to be the most popular expression of the neo-priestess) including teacher, healer, strategist, advisor, artist, writer, musician, business professional, CEO, medical professional, tradesperson, etc, etc, etc,.  The ways to live out one’s own sovereignty are limitless. 

The Temple of the Magdalene supports the Priestess in that journey toward sovereignty by providing training programs, classes, and one-on-one mentoring for the purpose of inner personal development and transformation. The focus of our trainings is on supporting participants in identifying, healing and transforming the inner obstacles to living out their sovereignty to its fullest. 

Done with Church? #Metoo

Once upon a time, Lauri Ann Lumby was an enamored, mostly devout Catholic girl.  I attended Catholic school for most of my 12 years of schooling, proudly wore my plaid uniform skirt with starched white blouse and embraced all that post-Vatican II Catholicism had to offer (it really was an exciting time in the Church!).  I continued attending weekly mass during college and into adulthood.  I heard my calling to active ministry somewhere around the age of 27, completed 7 years of training as a pastoral minister and spiritual director and worked in the Church for 10 full years. 

Then it all went bad. The short version is that I dared to take Jesus’ teachings and commands seriously and stepped more and more fully into “doing what Jesus did.” The Church didn’t like that, and neither did the self-appointed inquisition who made it their job to make sure I was obedient to “only that which was handed down by the magisterium,” which I found hilarious because the history of the Catholic Church has always been practice before legislation.

Most likely the real issue was not the work I was doing, but the fact I am a woman and I dared to do what Jesus did – namely, be a source of healing for those who sought it. 

That’s the short of my boring story….but what’s yours?  I bet I can guess some of the primary reasons why you no longer go to Church and maybe have no interest in returning:

  1. The Church’s hypocrisy – teaching one thing but living another. (#priestsexabusescandal)
  2. You’ve been divorced, use birth control, or found yourself having to make the choice to terminate an unplanned pregnancy.
  3. You’re LGTBQ.
  4. You no longer, or never, resonated with the idea of a hellfire and brimstone God or the idea of hell in the first place.
  5. Many of the Church teachings don’t make sense to you.
  6. You have a sense that Jesus may have been a cool dude, but don’t resonate with the Church’s portrayal of him, or don’t believe Jesus is the ONLY WAY to “salvation.”
  7. You’re not sure “salvation” is even anything to strive after.
  8. You are a woman and wonder if you even have a place in a patriarchal/hierarchical/clerical institution.
  9. You take issue with clericalism.

Ringing any bells? This is just a handful of the infinite number reasons I have heard from others for why they left the Church and have no plan of returning. Good for them. I agree with them. It is for this very reason that Authentic Freedom Academy and the Temple of the Magdalene came about in the first place. And here’s why:

  1. I personally have no problem with Jesus. When we look beyond Church dogma and man’s interpretation of Jesus’ message, we only find a message of compassion and love. I think this is a good and timely message – one the world really needs!
  2. I also accept the truth present within every other world spiritual tradition.  I have found in my own exploration that every tradition holds a piece of the truth – why not embrace them all?
  3. I have to say the same about scripture. Scripture and sacred writings of all sorts hold kernels of the truth – we just have to find them.  Dogma and doctrine get in the way. Let’s study the texts with naked eyes and an open heart.
  4. In my experience working in the Church, the greatest thing I found missing were tools for authentic psycho-spiritual development. These tools are readily available in the Church, but the Church refuses to share them.  I have studied, applied, practiced, and now share these tools with those who attend my classes and partake in the services I provide.
  5. I also found the Church lacking in authentic empowerment. The Church begs for people to serve the betterment of the world but provides no formation that would support people in doing this. I provide that formation.
  6. There is a place for women!  Not only is there a place, Jesus’ closest disciple, the one to whom he revealed the resurrection and who he ordained to continue his mission was a woman herself – Mary, called Magdalene.
  7. All are welcome!!!!!!!!!   Authentic Freedom Academy and the Temple of the Magdalene welcome all people from all walks of life, orientation, beliefs, etc.  The space we have created is big enough for all of it. 
  8. Salvation?  Jesus never spoke of salvation being in a heaven light years away.  Instead, he showed his disciples how to find peace, contentment, and joy in the midst of the human experience. This is what I teach, along with the tools for experiencing this.
  9. Love.  Only Love.  Compassion and Love. That is all.

Authentic Freedom™ is Lauri Ann Lumby’s trademarked protocol for transforming the fears that keep you from knowing your true self and living that out freely.  Authentic Freedom™ integrates specific tools and practices of Western Psychology with those of Western Spirituality, resulting in a powerful process through which YOU are supported in becoming self-actualized.

Self-actualized individuals know:

  • Who they are.
  • What their unique gifts are.
  • How they are called to use those gifts for the sake of their own fulfillment and in service to the betterment of the world.

Learn more HERE.

Our online community is made up exclusively of women and men who have completed the Magdalene and/or Melchizedek Trainings, patrons of Authentic Freedom Academy and those who have joined through personal invite. Learn more and become a member HERE.

The Temple of the Magdalene reclaims the ancient order of priestess through:

Temple Membership is made up of fully ordained members, associates and patrons. Learn more HERE.

When a Dream is More than a Dream

I write this from a place of profound physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion, for

last night in my dreams I was fighting demons.

Literally!  Like several of my spiritual sisters and brothers, I am increasingly finding that much of my work of service to the world is accomplished while sleeping. I know that the dreams are more than just dreams when I wake up in a cold sweat, heart pounding, and feeling exhausted – as if I’d just done battle. Because I have.

The evils we know in our world are not simply present to us on the physical plane. These evils are in the hearts and minds of human beings and are present within the collective consciousness. These evils are present within our genetic memory and are encoded in our DNA.  Scripture isn’t wrong when it says that the “sins of the father will be visited upon his sons to the third and fourth generation (Ex 20:5, 34:7).”  Evil begets evil, and it takes generations to change that.

If we want to truly be free of evil in our world, we have to address it on more than just the physical plane.  Addressing evil and its causes at the emotional and psychological level is the work of psychologists and spiritual counselors. Addressing evil on the level of consciousness, genetic memory, DNA, and in the invisible planes within and behind consciousness is the job of an exorcist.

This work of spiritual exorcism is where I am increasingly finding myself.

NOT BY MY CHOICE!  Who in their right mind would volunteer for the work of exorcism!?  And yet here is where I find myself along with several of my spiritual sisters and brothers who have come together for this work.  Whether it be through dreams, visions, or direct guidance, we are being led to the “demons” that lay behind the evil actions of humanity.  We are then asked to do the work of transforming the fears out of which these demons are made (all “demons” are made of fear, as such, all evil is caused by unhealed fears), so that the “demon” might be freed to return to its original nature as Love.

Love is indeed the Source of all.

Evil is simply unhealed fear wanting to be returned to Love.

When I’m not freaked out by this work (seriously God, exorcism!?), I am profoundly humbled and grateful for the years of inner work and disciplined training that has given me the tools and the courage to do this.  I am also grateful for and in awe of the sisters and brothers who have shown up with a similar and complementary calling.  It’s almost as if some Divine intelligence had planned this all along – a ready made team of exorcists helping to heal the world and rid it of the unhealed fears and conditioning that have caused us to forget who we really are –

The sons and daughters of LOVE.

Lauri Ann Lumby has formulized the training she accomplished which prepared her to do the work of spiritual exorcist, spiritual counselor and mentor into her two foundational training programs. Click on the links to the right to learn more.

Email lauri@lauriannlumby.com to learn more or schedule a session.

Spiritual Counseling:

Lauri’s gifts as a spiritual counselor are centered in her ability to see. She sees your truth along with what might be hindering your ability to live that truth fully. By seeing clearly, Lauri can help guide you through the process of identifying, healing and transforming the wounds, fears, traumas and conditioning that keep you from living a life in which your purpose is fully embodied and your mission fulfilled.

Lauri provides this mentoring one-on-one and through her classes and training programs.

We are the Storm

The storm isn’t coming.  The storm is already here and


Humanity is crying out for a new way of being. One that is no longer based in the model of imprisonment that has been imposed on us – the model rooted in manipulation through fear, power, oppression, and control.

  • We have grown weary of being the backs upon which white men have become grotesquely wealthy while we struggle and fight to survive. 
  • We have grown weary of a world defined by war.
  • We have become sickened by those who grow increasingly rich by a world always at war.
  • We cry out in agony over the destruction wrought on our beautiful planet by the mechanisms of corporate gluttony and greed.
  • Our hearts cry out on behalf of all those who suffer under the current system – especially the poor, homeless, elderly, sick, and mentally ill.
  • We ache over the injustices in our world and have cried out:


We are crying out with our feet by refusing to continue in this charade:

  • We have staged a worker’s revolution – refusing to participate in a system that is against us rather than for us.
  • Many have created their own work built on their passions which give life meaning or choosing work that provides better balance.
  • Increasing numbers of people are standing up against racism and brutality.
  • We have lost faith in a governance that works on behalf of their financial sponsors instead of the constituents they were elected to serve.
  • Many are untying themselves from a financial system based in debt and are finding financial autonomy and empowerment outside of that system.
  • Increasing numbers are connecting and gathering in support of a simpler, gentler life that takes less of a toll on our fragile environment.
  • People are standing up in defense of our planet!
  • People are coming together in search of common ground and are turning away from the created division upon which the current system thrives.
  • We have stopped believing in a media that has lost its sense of true journalism in favor of hype.
  • We have turned away from an outside perceived authority and have harnessed the inner authority and sovereignty that has been within us all along.

We are the storm that the system never expected.

Lost in the arrogance and pride of their superiority over the masses, the system expected we would continue being obedient, compliant, subservient, and weak.  The system expected that we would continue believing in their capitalistic lies (ie: everyone has the same opportunity to become wealthy). The system expected that they could continue to manipulate and control us through fear and false promises.

But the system has failed.

A system built on fear, power, oppression, and control cannot stand.  A system that thrives on division is unsustainable and will eventually collapse under its own weight.

We have arrived at that place of collapse.

We are the storm that hastens the collapse by refusing to believe the lies while untying ourselves from fear-based conditioning. We are the storm by coming together instead of participating in division. We are the storm by finding our own inner authority, standing in our truth, and using our voice to speak out against the lies and for the truth. We are the storm when we use our feet to forge a different path, and our hands to create a whole new world.

We are the storm the system never expected, and we are legion!

What are your gifts and how are you called to use them for the sake of your own fulfillment and in service to the betterment of the world?

What is Your Magic?, online course created by Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, OPM, OSF, MATS  was created to help you discover the answer!

  • 13- self paced lessons
  • online in your own time
  • discussion facilitated by Lauri Ann Lumby.

Being an Exorcist

In my experience, there are four kinds of exorcists:

  1. The ones we see in movies modeled after the tradition of Catholic priests especially trained and commissioned to research demonic possession and if deemed demonic, also charged with freeing the “host” of said demon.
  2. The shaman-types who “eat” demons who have made a home in an animal, person, or place.
  3. Psychiatrists who successfully treat those suffering from extreme mental illness which in former times would have been labeled as possessed.
  4. Those who help regular people identify, transform, and release the demons of fear, past wounding, trauma, etc.

Normally I would say that I am solely the fourth kind of exorcist, but due to recent events, I must now acknowledge that the deeper “releasing of demons” that I’ve been doing is more akin to #1.  YIKES!

For yesterday I was given a vision and a command

The vision came during my Sunday morning yoga class.  Sitting in child’s pose, I was overcome with a terrible anxiety, bordering on panic. First, I tried stuffing down the anxiety.  Then I tried praying it away. Neither of these released the anxiety so I did what every exorcist knows to do –

Instead of running from the fear, I went into it.

As I drew closer to the fear, I began to “see” through my third eye, becoming like the three-eyed raven of Game of Thrones fame. I found myself “flying” over the world and being shown all the pockets of a world readying for war. They are legion.

I was then drawn into and past the war machine and was shown the “players.”  These players might better be called “puppet masters” for they are never on the front lines.  Instead, these are the men behind the men behind the men. These “puppet masters” are made up of a council of men hiding behind, manipulating, and controlling the wealth in the world and all the violence that created (and continues to create) and is brought about by that wealth.  These are the men who benefit from a world at war and who create the perceived conflicts that ensure the world is always at war so they may continue to grow in wealth.

I was then drawn into and through these men to the evil that feeds and sustains them, for the evil they do is not simply born out of gluttony and greed.  It is born out of the darkest and most hideous actions man can dream of – namely:

Human sacrifice, the most hideous of which is child sacrifice.

Yes. You heard me right. The evil these men feed upon is that which is sustained through the sacrifice of human life. These sacrifices include the women and men who die in war, innocents killed in the streets and in their own homes, children trafficked for the purpose of sexual/murderous acts.

I shudder to share these words, and many might accuse me of lying or being insane. I’m only telling you what I saw.  You can look away, but the reality remains.

There is true evil being done in our world and until this evil is rooted out, we will never know peace.

This is where the task of the exorcist comes in.  I’m not a Catholic priest. Neither am I a shaman. Instead, the work I do is invisible and performed in the non-physical realm. Here I remain with the visions as they come and follow the visions as they lead me toward the sources of these evils – what some might call “demons.”  At first glance, they appear as demons. Some big. Some small. Some absent of form. Then I use the tools I’ve been given (through the Holy Spirit/Shekinah) to support these “demons” in being healed of the evil that befell them so that they might return to their original nature as love. 

The work is not about banishing demons, it is about restoring them to Love.

This is the work that has consumed me for the past 24 hours and which will continue to unfold as it needs to. The great news is that I have spiritual sisters and brothers who are doing similar work, so I know I am not alone. I am humbled (to the point of tears) to be called to this work and grateful for the years of what I now understand was the training necessary to develop the courage to face these evils and to be a vessel through which they might be healed so that our world might be healed.

Click on the images above to learn more about Lauri’s training programs – for your own transformation and in service to your work of Love in the world.

Seeing the Truth Beyond the Veil

I once had a friend beautifully articulate one of the gifts that has helped support me in my own journey while also being a tool through which I am able to be a source of support for others.  She put it this way, “Lauri, you have the ability of seeing the truth beyond the veil.”

I have indeed accepted this as being one of my superpowers.  In the Catholic tradition in which I was raised, this superpower would be considered a charism (a gift of the Holy Spirit) and would be called:

Discernment of Spirits

Traditionally, discernment of spirits is described as “the immediate and intuitive ability to capture the spiritual source of certain behaviors or ideas or to grasp the nature of the spiritual presence in people, places or things” (Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory, Weddell, 1997, p. 27). 

Discernment of spirits might be thought of as the ability to detect “the devil in the room.”  I think of it more as being able to see the truth beyond the illusion and to hear the truth beyond the words.  

I have experienced this gift in several ways.  My earliest recollection of this gift was in my uncanny ability to “read” the integrity (or lack thereof) of a person.  At a very young age I seemed to immediately know if someone was a liar, a cheat, or quite simply evil.  I also knew if they were an honest, authentically good person. The individual didn’t need to say a word or demonstrate an action. I simply knew. Later experiences with these individuals always proved my earliest sensations (discernment) to be true. In hindsight, I can humbly say that my discernment of spirits in 100% accurate. The challenge has been to believe it and not give into the societal conditioning that tells us we must “give them the benefit of the doubt.”

At 57, I uncompromisingly believe my first impressions of people because I find I have never been wrong.

The other, and perhaps most helpful use of this gift is in working with clients and students. I see and sense that which is holding them back from living their truth. I see and sense resistance, fears, unhealed wounds, and past traumas, as well as beliefs and behaviors based not in truth, but in conditioning. When facilitating process work with a client, I might ask them a question and in whatever way they respond, I can tell if that is the path of inquiry to continue, or if there is something “hiding” behind their words.  The client will often say one thing, but I hear or sense another.  It’s difficult to describe.  I just know that there is something hiding that seeks to be known – something that is their REAL truth and not just that which they show to the world or want to believe about themselves.

Admittedly, seeing the truth beyond the veil is not always pleasant.  Sometimes I see, sense, or know something “the other” doesn’t want to know or doesn’t want others to know about them.  I have known, for example, that certain individuals were choosing the wrong partner or venturing down a path of failure. I have also sensed decisions that would open doors to liberation and freedom for an individual – decisions they may or may not be willing to make. It’s one thing to share these awarenesses in a client/practitioner relationship.  It’s another thing when what you are seeing and knowing is related to a family member or friend.  Having the ability to see the truth beyond the veil requires me to carefully discern in what circumstances it is appropriate to share what I know and when it is best to remain silent.

Silence, I have learned is also one of my superpowers.

Discovering and learning about your own unique giftedness and how you are called to use those gifts is one of the critical stages of the Magdalene Priesthood Training (for women and men) and the Authentic Freedom Mastery Training.

When Given the Gift of Prophecy

One does not ask for the gift of prophecy.  If one were to ask for this gift, they would not know for what they are asking as the gift of prophecy often feels more like a curse than a gift.  I know this because I am one who has been given this gift. It is not with pride, but with deep humility and some personal agony that I acknowledge this gift.

used with permission: Catherine E. Case

Prophecy is a many-edged sword.  It allows us to see the sign of the times – to understand what will happen if humanity (or individuals) continues on its current path. With this gift we are provided with the tools and steps that could be taken to turn a path of potential destruction into one of peace, harmony, and fruitfulness.  We are called (compelled, forced) to share what we see and know with an audience that is most often deaf to our words. Herein lies the pain of being a prophet:

  • We often find our words and our very selves ignored.
  • We are accused of being insane.
  • People turn against us for speaking the truth. (Sometimes we don’t even need to speak it.)
  • People hate us for seeing the truth they don’t want to see for themselves.
  • We are condemned for challenging the world to let go of the status quo and the perceived comfort therein in favor of actions that could lead to a better world.

Being a prophet is a lonely calling for which we don’t get paid.  Prophecy leads not to welcome and acceptance, but to rejection and condemnation. I know this because it is exactly what happened to me – most specifically in my (now former) relationship with the Catholic Church – more generally as it relates to some acquaintances, friends, and the world at large.

No one in their right mind would ask for the gift of prophecy.  

And yet, here it is. As it relates to the gift and calling of prophecy, I take comfort in these words from the prophet Jeremiah:

The word of the LORD came to me, saying:
            Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
                        before you were born I dedicated you,
                        a prophet to the nations I appointed you.

            But do you gird your loins;
                        stand up and tell them
                        all that I command you.
            Be not crushed on their account,
                        as though I would leave you crushed before them;
            for it is I this day
                        who have made you a fortified city,
            a pillar of iron, a wall of brass,
                        against the whole land:
            against Judah’s kings and princes,
                        against its priests and people.
            They will fight against you but not prevail over you,
                        for I am with you to deliver you, says the LORD.

Jeremiah 1: 4-5, 17-19

As one endowed with the gift of prophecy I have no other choice but to continue in its use – seeing the signs of the times and sharing what I see as a way humanity just might save itself from itself. As Jesus often said, this gift is will be received by “those who have ears to hear.”

What is Your Magic?, created by Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, OPM, MATS  was created to support you in knowing the truth that YOU are uniquely gifted to experience meaning and purpose in your life and to find fulfillment in the use and engagement of your gifts, first for yourself, and then, in service to the betterment of the world.

Online course. 13 lessons at your own pace.