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It has been a productive week at Soul School as I prepare for some big bold moves. Fueling the big and the bold are this week’s video/podcast episodes. If you find these videos helpful, please share them with your friends! Let’s share the love! ❤

Soul Tending with Lauri includes:

  • Personality, Temperament, and Gifts Assessments.
  • Exploration of the Soul’s calling.
  • Uncovering and transforming the obstacles to living out that calling through a variety of mindfulness, creativity, and shamanic practices including Lauri’s trademarked Authentic Freedom™ protocol.
  • Depth work – identifying ungrieved losses, unhealed wounds, past traumas, ancestral trauma, and learning shamanic practices for transforming and releasing them.
  • Shadow work – uncovering the unintegrated and often rejected parts of self and bringing them into wholeness.
  • Ongoing support.

The Call of the Light-Bearer

Yeah, I’ve grown kinda weary of titles, slogans, and all the ways we try to describe and lay claim to our unique calling in the world. Titles like lightworker, shadow worker, soul mate, twin flame, starseed, witch, sorcerer, shaman, empath, etc. etc. etc. have all grown a bit tiresome and maybe even useless as we try to describe who we are in a world where we don’t really fit. Yes, these titles help us identify who we are and who we are not. Yes, they help us to find our place of belonging. AND they can tempt us to create separation as we fight over what these words really mean and our right (or not) to call ourselves that.

All that being said, I’ve recently found myself connecting with a “title” I haven’t seen elsewhere and one that seems, better than any of the above, to describe my purpose in the world, and role of others I know who share similar gifts.

It’s an ancient title that is often misunderstood and has therefore been twisted into something that strikes terror and fear in the hearts of the indoctrinated. It is one with only benevolent intent, but which has been made malevolent by those who have sought to rule the world by fear, power, oppression, and control, and those who benefit from a world driven by fear.

The title is:  Light-Bearer

A Light-Bearer is one who is the light. We are the light that causes the shadows of the world to creep out from under the rocks and behind the veils where they are hiding so they might come forth into the light. Coming forth into the light allows that which is hidden to be seen so that it can be dealt with. Light-Bearers support the ongoing transformation of the world simply by the power of their presence. That which is hiding in shadow cannot persist in the light of the Light-Bearer.

Sounds cool, right!?  Nope. Not really.  Light-Bearers are catalysts and shit-disturbers. We upset the status quo. We reveal what is hidden – deceptions, lies, betrayals, untruths, forces of oppression and manipulation, hypocrisy, injustice, and anything else that is not anchored in Love.  We don’t even have to do or say a single thing for this unveiling to take place.  It happens simply because we are in the room or in your presence. For those with nothing to hide, our presence is a welcome gift. For those who have something to hide, we are abhorred. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been treated like “the enemy,” for absolutely no reason other than I happen to be in the room and shit started coming up from under the floorboards – and yeah, I may have helped it along by pointing out the shit!  Hey, university who shall go unnamed, you were in trouble LONG before I showed up.  I’m not the enemy here! Hey person who I dated sorry my presence tickled the door behind which you have tried to hide your true orientation. How could you love me when all the while you were loving another?

There is really no place one can hide from the presence of a Light-Bearer. Either you welcome us, or your attachment to keeping something hidden will cause you to project your own self-hatred onto us. Now that I understand this gift, I no longer take it personally when for no apparent reason someone decides to hate me. If it’s someone with whom I had a relationship, I might experience the normal faces of grief, but I get it. We have to be ready to face what we try to keep hidden, and some will never be ready.

  • Where have you encountered Light-Bearers in your life?
  • Where might you be aware of the Light-Bearer calling within yourself?

Through Soul School Essentials 1 – Igniting the Flame, you will discover new things about yourself, your gifts, and your calling. You will also learn effective tools that you can apply in your everyday life for supporting the unfolding of your Soul toward the goal of enjoying the meaningful and fulfilling live of your dreams.

Soul School Reading List

People often ask me, “How do you know this stuff?” The short answer is – a lifetime of study. The longer answer is what I have come to call “embodied learning.” Yes, I have read literally hundreds of books on the topics I teach and in the areas that I counsel. But more than just reading, I have done my best to embody the best of what scholars before me have articulated through their words, and have applied the practices of the mystics and contemplators and experienced the benefit of these practices in my own life.

Below is just a glimpse into the many books I have studied in forming the foundation of the offerings of Soul School. The benefit to my client and students is that they don’t have to read all these books. They can just show up for the classes and enjoy the distillation of all I have accumulated and gathered in a lifetime of study, integration, and practice.

Lauri Ann Lumby Reading List 2022

Books Related to Mary Magdalene:

Scholarly Works:

Begg, Ean, The Cult of the Black Virgin, Chiron Publications, 2006.

Bourgeault, Cynthia, The Meaning of Mary Magdalene – Discovering the Woman at the Heart of

Christianity, Shambhala Publications, 2010.

Haskins, Susan, Mary Magdalene – Myth and Metaphor, Harcourt Brace & Company, 1993.

King, Karen, L., The Gospel of Mary of Magdala – Jesus and the First Woman Apostle,

Polebridge Press, 2003.

Leloup, Jean-Yves, Judas and Jesus – Two Faces of a Single Revelation, Inner Traditions, 2006.

Leloup, Jean-Yves, The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Inner Traditions, 2002.

Leloup, Jean-Yves, The Gospel of Philip, Inner Traditions, 2003.

Leloup, Jean-Yves, The Gospel of Thomas, Inner Traditions, 2005.

Leloup, Jean-Yves, The Sacred Embrace of Jesus and Mary – The Sexual Mystery at the Heart of

the Christian Tradition, Inner Traditions, 2005.

MacDermot, Violet, The Fall of Sophia – A Gnostic Text on the Redemption of Universal

Consciousness, Lindisfarne Books, 2001.

Starbird, Margaret, The Woman with the Alabaster Jar, Bear & Company, 1993.

Starbird, Margaret, The Goddess in the Gospels – Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine, Bear &

Company, 1998.

Starbird, Margaret, Mary Magdalene – Bride in Exile, Bear & Company, 2005.

Fiction or Channeled Works:

Heartsong, Claire, Anna – Grandmother of Jesus. S.E.E. Publishing, 2002.

Heartsong, Claire, Anna – the Voice of the Magdalenes, S.E.E Publishing, 2010.

Kenyon, Thomas & Sion, Judi, The Magdalen Manuscript, Tom Kenyon Orb, 2006.

McGowan, Kathleen, The Expected One, Touchstone, 2007.

McGowan, Kathleen, The Book of Love, Touchstone, 2010.

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Wilson, Stuart, Essenes – Children of the Light, Ozark Mountain Publishing, 2005.

Wilson, Stuart & Prentis, Joanna, Power of the Magdalene, Ozark Mountain Publishing, 2008.

Unitive Gnosticism/Gnostic Christianity:

Douglas-Klotz, Neil, The Hidden Gospel: Decoding the Spiritual Message of the Aramaic Jesus,

Quest Books, 1999.

Douglas-Klotz, Neil, Prayers of the Cosmos, Harper One 1993.

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Hoeller, Stephan, Gnosticism – New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing, Quest

Books, 2002.

Malachi, Tau, The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas – Meditations on the Mystical Teachings,

Llewellyn Worldwide, 2004.

Malachi, Tau, Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ – a Gnostic Christian Kabbalah, Llewellyn

Worldwide, 2005.

Malachi, Tau, Living Gnosis – A Practical Guide to Gnostic Christianity, Llewellyn Worldwide,


Malachi, Tau, St. Mary Magdalene – The Gnostic Tradition of the Holy Bride, Llewellyn

Worldwide, 2006.

Marion, Jim, Putting on the Mind of Christ – The Inner Work of Christian Spirituality, Hampton

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Pagels, Elaine, Beyond Belief – The Secret Gospel of Thomas, Random House, 2003.

Silva, Freddy, the Lost Art of Resurrection, Inner Traditions, 2014.

Human Development:

Aurobindo, Sri (2001). A Greater Psychology – an Introduction to the Psychological Thought of

Sri Aurobindo. New York, NY. Jeremy P. Tarcher.

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            Jeremy P. Tarcher.

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Leading Neuroscientist. Ballantine Books.

Palmer, Parker (2004). A Hidden Wholeness – the journey toward an undivided

life. San Francisco, CA.  Jossey-Bass.

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Plotkin, Bill (2003). Soulcraft – crossing into the mysteries of nature and psyche.

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The Kabbalah and Tarot

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Unknown Author, Meditations on the Tarot – a Journey into Christian Hermeticism, Jeremy P.

Tarcher/Putnam Press, 1985.

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A Change in Direction

In the summer of 1994, I had an experience that forever changed the course of my life. I had been languishing, feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, and out of place in my fifth corporate job in almost as many years. I knew that I was not in the right career path and that corporate work just wasn’t for me. I had been begging and pleading the universe for support in finding my true path – the path of my soul, and that which would lead to a sense of meaning and fulfillment and which might help to serve the betterment of our world.

The answer came in a startling and unexpected way. While attending mass one Sunday, the pastor, in his homily said, “If there’s something you want to do and you haven’t done it yet, get off your ass and do it now.” I felt his words like a lightening bolt through my entire body as I saw a red brick fly through the air and hit me in the head. Perhaps this was the answer – or at least the invitation. I scheduled an appointment with my pastor and thus began the beginning of the path that would lead me to where I am today.

What began as ministry formation through the Catholic Church led to training as a spiritual director, which then led me on the path of Reiki healing. I secured a paid position with the Church, eventually leaving the corporate world behind.

This, however, was just the beginning. I worked in the Church for ten years, and during that time, applied ancient knowledge and practice into what became a nine-month curriculum in human psycho-spiritual development. Through this training, participants began to discover their unique gifts and how they were being called to use these gifts in the world for the sake of their own fulfillment and in service to the betterment of the world. I saw the results of this training first in myself, and then in those I guided. This was meaningful and fulfilling work and I knew I was on to something.

Then Reiki happened. Suffice it to say that hierarchy and the movement of the Holy Spirit collided. Eventually I had to make a choice between my Church and the calling that God had given me.  I chose God.

This choosing took place over many years with lots of bargaining and excruciating grief, but since 2008 I have been free of institutional constraints and have been leading individuals and groups on the journey of their own psycho-spiritual development using the curriculum that has its roots in my time in Church ministry, but which has unfolded in a way to speak to and meet the needs of a universal audience. Since then, I have published ten books, created over thirty courses geared toward supporting participants in their own journey of self-actualization, and led hundreds on that journey.

I do this work because I have seen the benefits in my own life and in the life of my clients and students. When we take the time to uncover our unique giftedness, discern how we are called to share the gifts in the world, and then move through the inner obstacles to living out of those gifts, we experience a sense of meaning and fulfillment in our lives which leads us to a deep state of inner contentment and joy. While attending graduate school, I learned that the word for this acquired knowledge and experience is self-actualization.  I also learned, and have seen for myself, that self-actualized humans naturally and effortlessly work from their own unique gifts in support of their own fulfillment and for the betterment of the world. Self-actualization in one benefits our world in exponential ways.  It has therefore become my mission to support the betterment of our world by supporting self-actualization one person at a time.

A Life of Meaning and Fulfillment

Soul School with Lauri Ann Lumby is a one-of-a-kind education platform that provides the resources and tools to support you in becoming self-actualized so that you might enjoy the meaningful and fulfilling life of your dreams.

  • Embodied learning
  • Where knowledge meets practice
  • Combining education, spirituality, and psychology
  • Applying ancient wisdom
  • The marriage of scholarship and mysticism
  • Rooted in empowerment

The Call of the Bean Sidhe

In a far-off land

‘neath a hill of grass and stone

lives the Bean Sidhe.

Cloaked in rags

Dreaded silver locks

Tattoos of woad telling stories of her life

Her face a skull

One clear eye seeing without

The cloudy one seeing within

Her skeletal finger pointing out the eternal

Her life will never end

With her knowing eyes she’s seen it all

Nothing you could say would surprise

Nothing you do could shock

She sees only Truth

A mirror for those who dare –

who can endure her eternal screaming.

A witness to all of humanity’s sorrow

and a voice for all who weep for humanity’s doom –

They’ve no one to blame but themselves.

I am She and She is me.

art and poetry copyright Lauri Ann Lumby

What Are Your Soul Gifts?

Online course

13 lessons done at your own pace

Created and Facilitated by Lauri Ann Lumby

Protecting Our Magic

Do you ever get the feeling you weren’t really made for this world?  That this world simply feels too loud, violent, harsh, bright, etc. etc. etc.?  Me too!  Do you suffer with symptoms that might indicate that this world is indeed too harsh for you?  Symptoms like anxiety, panic attacks, vertigo, unexplained pain, fatigue, depression, sun or light sensitivity, tinnitus, migraines, or any other number of “unexplained illnesses with seemingly no cause and definitely no cure?” Me too.  Do you find it (increasingly) difficult to be around people and have an aversion to crowds?  Me too!  Have you been told there might be something wrong with you?  That you need to seek medical or psychological help to overcome your symptoms?  Have you been told to just get over it? Do people look at you like you’re nuts when you try to explain these symptoms and how they make you feel?  Have you been tempted to believe these voices because it’s what our society tells us as well?  Yep.  Me too!

What if there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU and the “symptoms” you are experiencing are your body’s way of telling you the world is wrong and that it has the potential to cause harm to something precious and sacred inside of you?

What if your “symptoms” are not a disease,

but instead are signs of your magic?

On day five of a full body migraine, with no evidence of a cause and no sign of a cure, this is what I am considering.  What if all the symptoms I’ve been trying to manage or make go away (migraines, physical pain, intermittent vertigo) are signs of my magic – magic trying to be made known while also seeking my protection.

The truth is, I’ve been so busy drinking the patriarchal Kool-aid (work= success, hard work = more money, doing has value, being is laziness), that I have missed the opportunity to see these experiences in another light. To see these signs in another light, we must ask ourselves what magic needs?  This may differ from person to person, but for me,

My magic needs:

  • Solitude.
  • Quiet.
  • Gentle movement.
  • Stillness.
  • A safe place to live and work.
  • Deep listening.
  • Deep seeing.
  • The freedom to do things in my own way and in my own time.
  • People with whom to share my magic.
  • Vehicles through which I can share my magic.
  • A simple lifestyle.
  • Honesty.
  • Integrity.
  • Authenticity.
  • Sacred practice.
  • Meaningful and purpose-filled work.
  • Loving friendships.
  • Sacred community.

Recently my magic has also reminded me to bloom where I’m planted and has done so forcibly by making it impossible for me to stray far from home (without my protective charioteers).

(The travel thing is the hardest thing for me right now!  I want the freedom to go where I want to go when I want to go there – but apparently my magic has other ideas.)

This is what I’m talking about!  What if the things we’ve been calling disabilities, disorders, disease, impairments, illness, etc. etc. etc. are none of these, but are instead, our magic

  1. wanting to be known and
  2. letting us know what keeps our magic safe and what puts it at risk.

Remember: they once burned witches!

While this is (currently) illegal in this country, believe me, our culture finds other ways to punish and do harm to women who demonstrate certain kinds of power. While they might not be able to burn us, their actions might make us feel as if they are!

Bearing this in mind, it might be helpful to take another look at our magic and the threats to its safety.

  • Where have your gifts been questioned/challenged?
  • Where have you been punished/demonized/pathologized for your gifts (sensitivities, intuitive sensations, inner knowings, visions, prophecies, etc.)?
  • Where have you been told you’re crazy for knowing/sensing certain things?
  • When have you walked into a room and had the immediate sensation you should run?
  • Where have people clung to you and drawn energy and power from you, making you feel drained?
  • What environments or people feel draining?
  • What feels like pressure to you (expectations, the wagging finger of “should”)?
  • When have you been told you’re being judgmental when you share your bad feelings about a person you hardly know?
  • When have you been called a bitch for setting boundaries?
  • Where have others tried to damage your reputation or harbored jealousy over you?

All of the above are examples of how our magic is being threatened, along with an invitation to be more mindful of what our magic needs to feel safe and sacred. There is no one who can care for our magic but ourselves.  There is no one who can create the space and environment in which our magic can survive and thrive but ourselves.  Isn’t it time we do for ourselves what we so readily do for others?

Your magic is a sacred gift. Give yourself permission to treat it that way – no matter what society tells you otherwise!

What is Your Magic?

Each and every one of us has our own unique magic. Soul Gifts provides an opportunity to explore the depths of what your gifts might be so that you can claim them, while freeing yourself from the burden of trying to carry gifts that are not yours.

Back to School

Now what will you be doing for yourself?  

It’s the time of year when our thoughts have turned to Back to School.  Whether we are sending our own children back to school, returning ourselves, or if you are like me and your bio-rhythms are automatically set to an academic clock, SCHOOL is foremost on our mind. Our summer fun is winding down. It’s time to start thinking about closing up the cabin and thinking of winter things. Whether I think of it as back to school, or simply the approach of autumn and winter, this is my favorite time of year – a time of putting things to an end while also anticipating something new. It’s not a coincidence that my children were both born in the fall!  I birth new things in the fall!

With the summer activities drawing to a close, and hygge season fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about ourselves. Specifically:

What are the things I can do for myself now that will provide a sense of nourishment, knowledge, guidance, sustenance and support? 

What new explorations might I want to engage in? 

How can I begin to feed not only my body, but my mind, and spirit as well?

These are the questions that Soul School is meant to help you answer. Not by giving you the answers (what fun is that?), but by providing the means by which you can discover the answer to these questions yourself.  Toward that end, please check out all we have to offer in the way of online courses and trainings, one-off lessons, one-on-one mentoring and support, community gatherings, books, writings, and more.  

I look forward to being a source of support for you as you embark upon your own “back to school” adventure – one that this time is just for yourself!

Featured Course: Soul Essentials 1

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Lesson One:  Soul’s Journey

Lesson Two:  Soul Design

Lesson Three:  Soul Purpose

Lesson Four:  Soul Gifts

Lesson Five:  Soul Speak

Lesson Six:    Soul Success


My Name is Truth

My Name is Truth

In my depths, I understand the fullness of my purpose,

and my new secret name is


Seeing Truth.

Listening for Truth.

Hearing Truth.

Speaking Truth.

Living from Truth.

The Truth attested by the ancients:

Tao that is the way.

Tav that protects one from death.

Tau that leads us to life.

The Truth that sets us free.

Another name for that Truth is Love.

My second name is Love.

copyright Lauri Ann Lumby

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Her Mouth is Full of Magic

Her mouth is full of magic.

Words of power.

Vibrational medicine.

Shattering illusions.

Piercing veils.

Tearing away the masks that hide the Truth.

Welcome by some.

Shunned by many.

Celebrated by those with nothing to hide.

Abhorred by the duplicitous.

Curious to those who yearn to know their Soul.

She need not even speak

nor make a sound.

Her very presence a sword of Truth.

Footprints like earthquakes

Shaking off the weak

while revealing the strong.

From her light no one can hide.

Her darkness sheltering truths newly known

and that which is too tender for the world.

Her mouth is full of magic.

Her gaze the dawning of a new world.

Her heart the love that abides there.

Her touch bringing comfort.

Her listening the soil for your revelation.

Seek her and you too will be found.

words and art copyright Lauri Ann Lumby

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The Way of Love with Lauri Ann Lumby is an inspirational journey into the ultimate purpose of our lives – to remember our true nature as Love. Gathering wisdom and insights from ancient wisdom traditions, Lauri pieces together the knowledge and tools needed to transcend division and return to Love. What begins as an individual journey blossoms into a movement that has the potential to change our whole world.

Be that Love. Be the Change!

Leaving the Dying World Behind

I’m writing this at 7:46 on a Monday morning and I’ve already received three text messages from friends who are dreading returning to their dying world jobs. It is taking everything in them to put on their shoes and drag their bodies to a job that is not life-giving and that seems to be sucking the soul right out of them.

They aren’t alone! They are also not wrong in feeling these feelings.

The world as we have known it is dying. System after system is in its own form of collapse. Whether it be healthcare, education, governance, or the old boy corporate world, they have outlived their usefulness and are no longer effectively meeting the needs of the people they claim to serve.

Workers are feeling it. They are feeling the death of the hierarchical/patriarchal model, along with their Soul’s calling to be part of bringing forth something new. The status quo no longer works – and it hasn’t for a very long time.  We know this and if we’re dreading going to work, it likely means we are meant to be part of the change.

Being part of the change is easier said than done (says the woman who was forced out of the Church because she dared to take Jesus’ commandments to heal and serve seriously). Also, being part of the change does not happen overnight. Further, some are called to be that change from within the institutions they serve, but for many this is becoming increasingly difficult.

Building the new begins with self-knowledge. Who am I – really?  What are my gifts and passions?  What fulfills me and gives my life a sense of meaning and purpose? These are the questions we must ask ourselves (and discover their answers) before we can a) leave the dying behind and b) set out for something new. Yes, we can leave that sucky job, but until we know the answer to these questions, we’ll likely step from one frying pan into the fire.

As we are coming to know ourselves, we can begin to look out for and make choices on behalf of our Soul.  We might undertake training or education in the work that is more in alignment with our true gifts and passions.  We might take up a hobby related to our interests. We might volunteer.  As we move more and more in the direction of our Soul, the Universe conspires on our behalf, sending people, opportunities, and resources to help us deepen our knowledge and develop our skills, readying us for the big decision: should I stay or should I go?

Leaving the dying world behind is never easy. For many, the biggest obstacle is the perceived security of dying world jobs, and the salary and benefits that some provide. For others, it is the comfort of the status quo – “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” It is rarely an easy decision to leave what we know behind for something that might be life-giving, but may or may not provide for our needs.  It is a risk that few are willing to take – and truly – many are unable – and that is ok. However, if you find your dying world job becoming increasingly dreadful, it may just be that you are being called to leave behind the dying world and be part of building something new. 

What part of the new world would you like to help build?

Soul Gifts Online Course

is a terrific way to being your journey of self-exploration. Through this could you will have an opportunity to discover and begin to nurture and cultivate your unique giftedness – the seeds of your Soul’s mission and purpose.