Falling in Love with Ourselves

The Soul journey is ultimately about remembering WE ARE LOVE. We were created by Love, for Love, for the purpose of Love. In order to live that Love, however, we first have to heal the places within us where we have forgotten we were Love, or told we weren’t Love, loved, or lovable; or that love had to be earned. Remembering Love is a life-long journey, and each step brings us closer and closer to the FREEDOM we were meant to enjoy in the human experience.

Loving Myself

In becoming my Wild Divine

I have finally fallen in love with


No more apologies or explanations.

I am the Wild Divine

Having left behind



and encultured shoulds.

Walking my own path.

Living my own truth.

Uncompromisingly dedicated to ME.

I Am the Wild Divine.

Luscious in my fullness.

Softened by time.

Freed of rigid angles

The sharp edges of resentment’s scorn made soft.

Living beyond the fray.

Thriving outside the norm.

The world’s never seen a woman like me before.

Soul Tending with Lauri

Lauri Ann Lumby has over twenty-five years of experience as a soul-tender, educator and guide. She has supported hundreds through her one-on-one guidance, books, workshops, retreats, over thirty online courses, and online community.

Remembering Our Wild Divine Selves

Wild Divine

In a time that was and was not,

I left my human self behind

and became my Wild and True Self.

A being of another nature.

From another world.

Never meant for the things of the human world.

Born of, by, and for Love.

Not of the separation that defines humanity’s world.

Born of stardust

and the darkness that embraces it all.

A light of a different kind.

My Wild Divine Self –

Freed of humanity’s prison

and that which imprisons them still.

Seeing with other eyes the chains that hold them bound –

chains of conditioning

from all the ways they’ve been told

they are not love.

Lies.  All of it Lies.

In my Wild Divine nature,

I’m here to show them another way.

A way to break free of the fear that imprisons them,

the lies that fashion their chains,

the conditioning that holds them bound.

I Am that Star come from another world

to show them another way.

The path that takes them

NOT outside of themselves


Where they too will REMEMBER

Their own Wild Divine nature

and that they too are LOVE.

My Soul purpose is to show humanity a way to freedom – to share tools for getting there and support along the way. – Lauri Ann Lumby

My True Face

My True Face

In the crucible of my inner cauldron, I see:

My True Face.

A face of flame

and darkness.

Of gentle rain

and forest soil.

A face that destroys and transforms.

Conceals and reveals.

Softens and comforts.

A face in which dreams are planted

and deep roots take hold.

Sacredly held in cauldron’s embrace

for few can survive its seeing.

Showing instead my face only partial.

Waiting in hope that there will one day be

One who can see fully and still remain.

copyright Lauri Ann Lumby

Artwork copyright Catherine E. Case used with permission

Lauri Ann Lumby

is the author of ten books including Happily Ever After – the Transformational Journey from “You Complete Me” to Beloved Partnership.