Welcome to My Third Life!

Welcome to My Third Life

There is no more appropriate way to usher in the next stage of my life than to realign, re-vision and redefine the work I do in the world.  My work has always been about service – service to others and in service to the betterment of the world.  Today, to make our work noticeable and accessible to others, the first step is always to BUILD A BETTER WEBSITE.  If you are reading this post, you have arrived at my new virtual world.  As many will attest, my old world had become cluttered, much too heavy, and difficult to navigate.  I hope this new site more closely reflects the simplicity and ease of movement I have chosen for what I am now calling “my third life.”

My first life was easy.  Growing up. Attending school. Going to college.  Getting a grown up job. Finding my vocation. Getting married and having kids.

My second life began in 2000 when the universe pulled the rug out from under me and catapulted me into 21 years of DEEP/INTENSIVE Soul work which forced me to choose between my Soul and what had become familiar in my life – namely my Church and my marriage.  Choosing my Soul was the most difficult thing I have ever done and while excruciatingly painful in many ways, it paved the way to true inner freedom, contentment, and joy.

The most joyful and honorific part of my second life was in raising my children.  Everything I have done was for their sake, including the choice of my Soul.  Being of integrity around my own journey has given my children a model of living by integrity themselves – which they have done soooooo well.  I could not be more proud of my (now adult) children.  They are my heart and my joy. 

My third life began two weeks ago when my last birdie flew the nest. I’m still finding my ground outside of the routine informed by her presence.  This transition accompanies several others – moving out of my downtown office and into my home, making some timely decisions about my (now old) website, rearranging and simplifying my living space, redefining relationships, realigning my offerings to the world.  So much is currently up for grabs, but there is one thing I know for certain – I’m keeping things simple.  (a nod to my dad, Don Lumby and his number one rule of project management:  “Keep it simple stupid!”).

Simplicity. Balance. Attention to what I love.

Continuing my service to the world.

Stay tuned for what it yet to come.  I’m pretty sure it has something to do with building new worlds – for myself, for others, and for the world at large.

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