Getting Out of the Way

I have recently become aware of an interesting phenomenon.  Those with whom I am close and who I consider my spiritual family are finding themselves sequestering.  Either by choice, circumstance, or because it is being forced upon them by the universe,  they are finding themselves with a nearly or completely clear calendar from now through the end of the year.  I too am finding myself in this place.

For a long while, I’ve been hearing the universal call to let go, clear our plates, eliminate the unnecessary, discard that which is no longer life giving to clear the way for something new to take its place.  Recently I read another reminder to deepen/accelerate that clearing.  In my own life, I have literally nothing more to clear.  But then the Universe decided to explain to me the full extent of this clearing.  With nothing material remaining to clear, all that remained was TIME. 

Time….time…time….see what’s become of me……

Since I refused to hear this message on my own, the Universe did what the Universe does – it forced it upon me.  Struck down by the events of our world (read more about being an empath below), I found myself FLATTENED.  First I writhed in frustration.  Then I convulsed in pain. Finally I surrendered.  I cancelled my appointments. I took time to rest (I’m still resting).  And then when I looked at my calendar…..I GOT IT.  It is time to:


Sometimes after we have done everything we can do to be a source of Love and Support in our world through our own unique gifts, and the world continues to writhe in pain, we need to simply get out of the way and let the Universe take over.  Remember – WE ARE NOT IN CHARGE. As we allow ourselves to step aside, the Universe steps in and does what it needs to do – in this case, to (hopefully) hasten the dying while creating a place for our gifts to once again be of use.  In the meantime, we wait, we care for ourselves and our loved ones, we rest, we breathe, we pray.  And maybe, just maybe, we find that we finally have time and space to dance! 

Have a Blessed Holiday Weekend!

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