Living Outside the Matrix

In anticipation for the latest installment of the Matrix movie series, I have re-watched the first three films.  If you haven’t yet watched the original Matrix movie, WATCH IT NOW.  It has much to say about where we are as a species and the opportunity we have to choose life OUTSIDE THE MATRIX.

To understand life outside the Matrix, we must first define life within the Matrix.  As Morpheus so clearly stated: The Matrix was created for the purpose of control.

Identifying life inside the Matrix is simple:

The Matrix is everything we have been told to believe and everyway we have been conditioned to act or respond by an outside perceived authority.

Let me offer a few simple examples of life inside the Matrix from our Western patriarchal hierarchical capitalistic culture:

  • Measuring success by money, power, status, fame, possessions, accomplishments.
  • Being told our value is defined by how hard and how many hours we work.
  • The idea that hard work leads to “success” (as it is defined above).
  • Being conditioned to believe it’s our job to make other people happy.
  • Expected compliance.
  • Obedience (to the outside perceived authority).
  • Competition. Period.
  • The idea that rest/restoration/self-care = laziness.
  • Being “lazy” is bad.

The Matrix does not want what is best for us.  It wants what benefits them.

Exiting the Matrix begins with listening to our own inner guidance (the voice of self-love) instead of the outside perceived authority (which is entirely rooted in fear, power, oppression, and control). We must turn away from all those outside voices that want to dictate who we are and how we should live.  Should is the easiest way to identify if the voice we are listening to is of the Matrix.  Our highest/true self NEVER uses the word should! Instead, our true self guides us on the path of our truth – the path that is in our highest good and in alignment with LOVE.  Love of self.  Love of others. Love of all creation.

Living outside the Matrix looks a little bit like this:

  • Taking time each day to tune into our highest self (what some might call “God”). It is here we find clear direction, guidance, and knowledge of the path of our highest good.
  • Cultivating, practicing, and honing discernment – the process through which we can clearly distinguish the voice of our truth vs. the voice of the Matrix.
  • Saying yes to the guidance of our Soul. Saying NO to the shoulds of the Matrix.
  • Uncompromisingly adhering to the voice of our own inner guidance.
  • Refusing to be swayed by the outside voices of control (shoulds).
  • Turning off outside influences created by the Matrix (advertising, marketing, social media, “news” sources, etc.).
  • Become aware that all is not as it may seem.  Even your “enlightened” teacher and favorite conspiracy theorist could be constructions of the Matrix. (anything to which you give authority over your own inner truth).

Living outside the Matrix is as simple as choice.  In the movies, the choice is represented by the red and blue pill. The blue pill keeps you enslaved to the Matrix. The red pill frees you.  As Morpheus said: “I have shown you the door.  You’re the one that has to walk through it.”

What are you going to choose?

Lauri Ann Lumby supports you in
creating a life outside the Matrix.
Learn more HERE.

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