Becoming a Sponsor

Yesterday I was reminded of the broad scope and reach of the work I do through Authentic Freedom Academy and the Temple of the Magdalene. This work is my service to the world born out of my own unique gifts and the calling I’ve been given to share these gifts in the world.

In yesterday’s encounters, I was reminded that most of the work I do is freely given and simply cannot be measured in financial terms. Additionally, I was reminded of the deep shadow/exorcism work I do for and on behalf of the world that cannot be monetized. Finally, I was reminded of all the people who come to me for spiritual counseling, emotional triage, personal guidance, and educational support who cannot pay due to the circumstances of their life or the state of their health. I offer these services to them either free of charge or at a greatly discounted price because it’s the right thing to do. I will never turn away those who are sincere and earnest in doing the inner work I prescribe for them – especially when they are struggling financially and are most in need of this support.

While I’m not a non-profit organization, I function as such. It is for this reason that I am reaching out to you with an invitation to sponsorship. Your sponsorship of $100.00, $50.00, or even $25.00 monthly helps to defray the overhead costs of providing these services – including rent, utilities, the cost of maintaining an online education platform and offering live/online courses and services – all on a “pay what you are able” basis.  Any level of sponsorship that you can provide is greatly appreciated. 

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, simply click on the Paypal link below and select your sponsorship amount.  Payments will be automatically deducted from your chosen account once per month until you decide otherwise. As a sponsor, I will enroll you in our community member portal where you can enjoy both past and new community offerings. There is no obligation to participate, it is simply my way of saying thank you.

Thank you for considering sponsorship of Authentic Freedom Academy and the Temple of the Magdalene. Your sponsorship is greatly appreciated, especially by those who will benefit from your generosity.

In gratitude and love,

Lauri Ann Lumby

Authentic Freedom Academy/Temple of the Magdalene

Thank you for your support!

Our Pricing Policy:  PAY WHAT YOU ARE ABLE.  If you are feeling a strong pull toward my classes or services but are struggling financially, please reach out to me directly and together we will work out a financial arrangement that works for you.  Payment plans, deferred payments, discounted fees and even full scholarships are possible depending on your unique situation. 

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