Soul Weary

This morning while in meditation I was given a life-review.  Many of these have shown themselves as part of my spiritual practice – some simply for the sake of remembering; others for the sake of seeing, healing, and releasing. This morning’s review might prove to be a little of both, but it’s too soon to tell. Right now, I’m just tired. Most recently I’m physically exhausted from being an empath and processing a world at war.

But beyond this, my soul is tired. I’m weary. Soul weary.

As an introvert and an empath, this world is sometimes (increasingly so it seems) just TOO MUCH.  Too much noise. Too much activity. Too much stress. Too much chaos.  Too much hatred.  Too much violence. I’m a strong, courageous, and resilient woman but after a lifetime of TOO MUCH I’m tired. My bones are tired. My blood is tired. My skin hurts. My mind is exhausted. My soul is weary.

I know I’m not alone in this. I hear from friends and family members every day who are deeply soul weary. It seems this soul-weariness has come to a point for many where we no longer have the strength or interest to move through one more layer of wet concrete to get to what?  Some level of success as defined by a system based in fear, oppression, and control?  “Just do it,” Just doesn’t anymore.  And there’s nothing to “get over” and “move on” from when we live in a disordered world.

Our world is sick, and it has made us all sick.

As I write these words, I find I’m too exhausted to even list all the ways in which our world has made us sick.  If you don’t see the sickness, either you are in denial or you are part of the problem. Those who are suffering because of our world know the reasons all too well. In short, the systems that have been created and out of which we are expected to live are not sustainable for ourselves or our planet.

What comes to my mind is the canary in the coalmine. Perhaps we who have become sickened to the point of being soul-weary are the canaries in the coalmine of our world. As every good coalminer knows, if the canaries are becoming ill, it’s time to run, get the hell out of that mine because soon you will become sick and dying too. The canaries alert the miners to a lack of oxygen or poisonous gas. We are that alert.

Those of us who are soul weary are here to tell the world STOP what you’re doing because if you continue in this direction, soon we are all going to die.

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One thought on “Soul Weary

  1. Thank you Laurie. I too am an introvert and an empath who is dead tired, soul weary. Now, I’m physically sick. This I know to be true: We are capable of great love.

    Dear World ~

    May great love wrap it’s arms around you in an embrace so tight all inhabitants take a deep sigh of relief.


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