A World On Fire

We are living through what may be the greatest lesson humanity will ever have to undertake. Together as a species we have succeeded in bringing ourselves close to our own extinction through our abuse of the environment and the destruction of our planet. This impending doom was shown to me through a childhood dream. The images and message of that dream have never left me. We are the ones who will decide our fate. Will we come together in support of radical reform (much of it not so radical) that will heal our planet and therefore ourselves, or will we continue on the current path and watch ourselves die? No matter what “they” say, the choice is up to us. What will you choose?

The Moon on Fire

A childhood dream of

the moon aflame.

Harbinger of doom,

this isn’t a game.

Heralding the end

of a world gone wrong.

Calling the child

with fire and song.

“Gather your friends

to find ancient bones.

Restoring them rightful

to their proper home.

The bones of the man

long since dead

and the immortal words

he once said:

‘Of…..By……and For….

All who dwell here,

no more allowed those

ruling by fear.’

If you succeed in

the task we give

the world won’t die

but surely will live.”

copyright Lauri Ann Lumby

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