Her Mouth is Full of Magic

Her mouth is full of magic.

Words of power.

Vibrational medicine.

Shattering illusions.

Piercing veils.

Tearing away the masks that hide the Truth.

Welcome by some.

Shunned by many.

Celebrated by those with nothing to hide.

Abhorred by the duplicitous.

Curious to those who yearn to know their Soul.

She need not even speak

nor make a sound.

Her very presence a sword of Truth.

Footprints like earthquakes

Shaking off the weak

while revealing the strong.

From her light no one can hide.

Her darkness sheltering truths newly known

and that which is too tender for the world.

Her mouth is full of magic.

Her gaze the dawning of a new world.

Her heart the love that abides there.

Her touch bringing comfort.

Her listening the soil for your revelation.

Seek her and you too will be found.

words and art copyright Lauri Ann Lumby

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The Way of Love with Lauri Ann Lumby is an inspirational journey into the ultimate purpose of our lives – to remember our true nature as Love. Gathering wisdom and insights from ancient wisdom traditions, Lauri pieces together the knowledge and tools needed to transcend division and return to Love. What begins as an individual journey blossoms into a movement that has the potential to change our whole world.

Be that Love. Be the Change!

2 thoughts on “Her Mouth is Full of Magic

  1. Oh, Laurie … how I cherish this … as it points me to me.

    From my 6-28-22 journal ~

    Where do the Holy go When Holiness beckons Where do the One’s Who are One with The One, abide Liken me unto a traveler A sojourner of the heart Pass me not by For in everyway, everywhere Am I you.

    Much love, Dannette

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