Back to School

Now what will you be doing for yourself?  

It’s the time of year when our thoughts have turned to Back to School.  Whether we are sending our own children back to school, returning ourselves, or if you are like me and your bio-rhythms are automatically set to an academic clock, SCHOOL is foremost on our mind. Our summer fun is winding down. It’s time to start thinking about closing up the cabin and thinking of winter things. Whether I think of it as back to school, or simply the approach of autumn and winter, this is my favorite time of year – a time of putting things to an end while also anticipating something new. It’s not a coincidence that my children were both born in the fall!  I birth new things in the fall!

With the summer activities drawing to a close, and hygge season fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about ourselves. Specifically:

What are the things I can do for myself now that will provide a sense of nourishment, knowledge, guidance, sustenance and support? 

What new explorations might I want to engage in? 

How can I begin to feed not only my body, but my mind, and spirit as well?

These are the questions that Soul School is meant to help you answer. Not by giving you the answers (what fun is that?), but by providing the means by which you can discover the answer to these questions yourself.  Toward that end, please check out all we have to offer in the way of online courses and trainings, one-off lessons, one-on-one mentoring and support, community gatherings, books, writings, and more.  

I look forward to being a source of support for you as you embark upon your own “back to school” adventure – one that this time is just for yourself!

Featured Course: Soul Essentials 1

Online course done at your own pace.

Lesson One:  Soul’s Journey

Lesson Two:  Soul Design

Lesson Three:  Soul Purpose

Lesson Four:  Soul Gifts

Lesson Five:  Soul Speak

Lesson Six:    Soul Success


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