Featured Course: Tarot Intensive

22 Pathways – Tarot Intensive

online training with Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, OPM, MATS

23 lessons and attunements on the Major Arcana

at your own pace and in your own time

Discussions moderated by course creator and facilitator – Lauri Ann Lumby

22 Pathways – Tarot Intensive approaches the tarot as less of a fortune-telling device and more as a path in support of your own journey of self-actualization. Diving deep in to the ancients roots of the tarot in Jewish mysticism through the Kabbalah, 22 Pathways illuminates the human journey from awakening to full embodiment of our Divine selves. When fully engaged, you will discover a tool that you can return to again and again to gain understanding, insight and support into your life’s journey toward self-fulfillment.

In this course, you will learn and study the Hebrew Aleph-Beis (Alphabet) – the utterances through which the Great Source spoke the world into being and which later inspired the 22 cards of the major arcana. Through each lesson, you will not only gain intellectual knowledge, you will grow into embodying the creative power within each letter and its corresponding card. Through powerful spiritual practices and ritual, you will become attuned to each card/letter such that you come to understand that you ARE a vessel of Divine Creation bringing your own worlds into being.

Topics to be covered in the course:

Aleph/The Fool:          The One, the Eternal

Beis/The Magician:              Separation of the One into the Two and the two into the many.

Gimmel/High Priestess:      Eternal kindness, the ability to unify separation and duality

Dalet/Empress:            Dimensionality and concern, “keeping our door open.”

Hei/Emperor:               The exhalation with which the Divine breathed creation into being.

Vav/Hierophant:               Physical completion, unites opposing concepts.

Zayin/Lovers:           7 – completion, unification of physical with spiritual, our purpose for being here.

Ches/Charioteer:             Transcendence, The step after completion. Union with Divine Grace. Bridge.

Tes/Strength:                Goodness.

Yod/Hermit:              Metaphysical, indivisible, humility leads to elevation to the spiritual. 10 = completion (sephirot)

Chof/Wheel:             Crowning achievement.

Lamed/Justice:        Teaching and learning is human being’s greatest purpose.

Mem/Hanged One:            The revealed and the concealed presence and action of the Divine.

Nun/Death:              Faithfulness (dedication) leads to the soul’s emergence, also represents the soul.

Samech/Temperance:      Support and protection.

Ayin/Devil:             Eye, sight and perception, seeing beyond the veil.

Peh/Tower:               The mouth, speech and silence.  Speech and expression are required to fulfill our purpose.

Tzaddi/Star:        Righteousness and humility. Subjugated our will to God’s

Kuf/Moon:               Holiness, set apart, to become holy.

Reish/Sun:           Choosing between greatness and degradation.  Discernment.

Shin/Judgment:             Divine Power, but also the temptation to corruption (pride).

Tav/The World:               Truth and perfection – what we are called to strive after.

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