Mary Magdalene’s Message to Humanity

An Eternal Easter Message

Mary Magdalene speaks to all of humanity about the current state of our consciousness revolution.  We are at a time of swift endings and great new beginnings.  We are observing the crucifixion and death of all that has been built on fear, power and control, as we are ushering in the second coming of humanity – the birth of the age of love and a joining together in unity consciousness.  She invites us all to step forth out of the tombs we have created for ourselves which have been made of our hesitation and fear and into the love we were meant to be.

My dear sisters and brothers,

Thank you for joining with me in celebration of Resurrection.  Two thousand years ago, I stood at the entrance of the tomb into which we had laid my Beloved, Yeshua and beheld the miracle and the truth of resurrection.  Whether you believe in the literal truth of Yeshua dying and rising from the dead, or prefer to think of it more as a mystical or metaphorical event, it matters not.  Yeshua proved to all that fear (death) has no power over the original nature of the human soul which is LOVE. Yeshua showed us, through his own example that the path to resurrection (freedom and love) was in conquering death (fear).

Yeshua was a normal man who discovered the keys to transcending the inherent suffering of the human experience – how to move beyond the fear, perceived separation, false perceptions and ego attachments that are the cause of human suffering and toward the peace, love and joy that are our original nature.  In this state of peace, we are whole and we know that we are One – within ourselves, with our Divine Source, with each other and with all of creation.  This is the truth that Yeshua promised would set us free.  The resurrection was proof that what Yeshua taught was true.  He then ordained me, Mary, given the title Magdalene, to share the message of the resurrection with the other disciples and with all who would listen.

Today, we commemorate the proof of LOVE – that fear/death has no power over the LOVE which made us and which is our true origin as unique expressions of our Mother/Father God.  We are the Divine seeking its expression in the world.  As such, we were meant, not to live in separation, but as ONE HUMAN RACE working toward the goal of love for the common good of the all.  When we come to know this sense of Oneness within ourselves, all separation falls away – we are no longer separated by gender, race, nation, religion, politics, sexual orientation, or by any of the infinite number of ways in which human beings, living in fear, create separation between ourselves and our fellow human beings.  We are one species, one world, one universe.  When we know this truth, we work for no other purpose except for peace and harmony between, not only all human beings, but all of creation.  We live as ONE, partaking of the great abundance of this Mother Earth, working to ensure that the needs of all are met – not just the needs of a powerful (fearful) few. 

This is the time we have all been waiting for.  It is here.  Now.  Our children have spoken and that which has been built on fear, power and control is in the midst of its own self-destruction.  Very soon (in this moment), Love will reign. This is the Second Coming Yeshua promised – not that which has been spoken of by those who have misunderstood Yeshua’s words.  Yeshua will not descend upon us in a fiery cloud.  Instead, the Second Coming is when the Christ (the Divine spark of Love that has lain dormant in humanity since the moment we chose separation over love), is awakened and born in each and every one of us.  You might call this heralded time Ascension, Enlightenment, Nirvana, the Death of the Kali Yuga, the Kingdom of God, the New Age, the Age of Aquarius.  The name matters not.  What matters is that you/we are all awakening to the Unconditional Love that we are and that we were born to know in the midst of the human experience.  It is here.  It is now.

As this is the Second Coming of the Christ, it is also the Second Coming of the Magdalene, for I am the Christ.  Unlike my Beloved who ascended to the plane of Divine Oneness, I have remained with you my sisters and brothers.  Present with you throughout these millennia, hidden away in the secret, mystical, contemplative, shamanic, esoteric, magical traditions of the West and in the East. Speaking and whispering into the hearts of the mystics.  Reaching into the consciousness of your prophets, activists and holy people.  I am the voice of Wisdom.  I am the Sophia.  I am the Great and Dark Mother, awakening you out of your complacency and into the Light.  I am compelling you to seek love, to demand peace, to work for justice.  I have been with you, silently guiding you through the truth that dwells deep in your heart – the place where you know what is right and good and merciful for the all.   I have never left you, but have remained until what Yeshua envisioned came to pass.    The time has come.  The time is now.  This is what we celebrate on this Resurrection Day…not the rising of Yeshua from the death….but YOUR rising from the dead!  Awake my sisters and brothers.  Come forth out of your tombs.  Accept your calling to be vessels of the Divine, turning our world from fear into love.

Amen!  Amen!  Alleluia!


Mary, called Magdalene

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