My Ecclesial Abusers Know Who They Are

When the torch bearers and pitchfork carrying Catholics came for me no one came to my aid. Not the priests I worked with, the bishops, not their chancellor. All were either silent or joined in on the abuse.

“How does teaching the Lord’s Prayer in Jesus’ native tongue fit into Catholic Teaching?”

…… does it not!?

“Eastern (Buddhist) practices are dangerous.”

….Isn’t this what Fathers Keating and Pennington are doing? Didn’t the Vatican II council encourage the exploration of other religions and their practices for the sake of understanding? How is Centering Prayer different from Zen practice?

“Reiki is witchcraft, sorcery, and the work of the devil.”

            Didn’t Jesus command us to heal the sick and didn’t he lay on hands to do so?

Round and round and round they went questioning my integrity, calling me names, spreading falsehoods and lies, turning people against me, harassing me in letters, emails, and even to my face. They went so far as to send 6 “spies” to attend one of my classes who harassed me throughout the entire two hours depriving those who wanted to be there from the experience they came to enjoy.

All I ever did was take Jesus’ teachings seriously and do what he called us to do.  And yet, not one single man of the cloth stood up for me or spoke in my defense. Not even the ones who knew me best and even encouraged me to do this work. Instead, the priests all stood with the vocal minority.

The one who regularly came to me to receive hands-on-healing in the form of Reiki, to him I gave thirty pieces of silver when the abuse finally drove me out. To this day, I have kept all his secrets.  Father ___, you know who you are!

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