The Man I Love

a poem of manifestation written in present tense because all we dream of happens in the now.

The man I love

            enfolds me in his cloak of protection.

He loves, cherishes, and celebrates me

            as I love, cherish, and celebrate him.

He is my best friend, lover, devoted companion,

            and champion.

He anticipates my needs and supports me

            in getting them met, as I do for him.

In his presence, and in knowing

he has my back, I feel safe.

He is kind

            and powerful.

He moves the earth

            for those under his care.

He is like a mighty stag

            guarding over and protecting his herd.

He is like a father wolf,

            cuddling his loves and joining them in play.

He is the embodiment of his own potential

            as am I.

Together we show the world how to love.

Copyright Lauri Ann Lumby

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