The Modern Priestess

Priestess is a word that has been used to apply to a wide variety of meanings, experiences, and expressions.  At the Temple of the Magdalene, Priestess means something quite specific and can apply to individuals of any gender.

Being a Priestess relates not to a specific role, but to a commitment to self-development, personal fulfillment, and service.

A Priestess:

  • Is self-aware and working toward self-actualization.
  • Is accountable to their inner wounds and is working to heal them.
  • Is sovereign unto themselves.
  • Is fulfilled within themselves.
  • Enjoys a life of meaning and purpose for the sake of their own fulfillment while serving the betterment of the world. 

A Priestess lives out their own sovereignty in a way that is based on their own unique giftedness and Soul-calling.

A Priestess might live out that calling in any number of ways, (not limited to the leader of ritual which seems to be the most popular expression of the neo-priestess) including teacher, healer, strategist, advisor, artist, writer, musician, business professional, CEO, medical professional, tradesperson, etc, etc, etc,.  The ways to live out one’s own sovereignty are limitless. 

The Temple of the Magdalene supports the Priestess in that journey toward sovereignty by providing training programs, classes, and one-on-one mentoring for the purpose of inner personal development and transformation. The focus of our trainings is on supporting participants in identifying, healing and transforming the inner obstacles to living out their sovereignty to its fullest. 

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