The Waiting

On just this side of the Solstice portal, we find ourselves in a time of waiting. We have cleared the spent stalks of our former lives and prepared the soil. The seeds of the new have been planted.  Our dreams are beginning to take root and we may be able to just glimpse the sprouts of the new emerging from their home in the soil. It is not yet time to enjoy the fruits of our labors as the harvest has not yet come.  So now we wait.

This time of waiting is appropriate.  While we have made ourselves ready for the new world through all that we have done for ourselves, there remains a world around us that is not yet done with its dying.  Instead, we wait with bated breath teetering on the edge of democracy – will it die (some would suggest it’s already dead) or will it be rescued from the brink of its self-created demise?  This is a difficult time not only for the U.S., but for all other countries who claim democracy as their form of governance as democracy itself is being tested.  Will it survive or collapse under the weight of the corruption that has been allowed to overtake a vision that once dared to suggest a government:  of the people, by the people, for the people.  The coming weeks will be the test of what we’ve been told to believe is freedom.

But is it? Has it ever been? As long as humanity suffers for the sake of a powerful few, we are not free.  As long as humanity lacks the very things needed to support life – access to quality water, food, clothing, shelter, and safety, we are not free.  If the very things we need to thrive as a species – quality education, healthcare, meaningful work at a sustainable wage, are only available to the wealthy few, we are not free.  As the past two-hundred years have proved, democracy, as it’s been experienced in the U.S. anyway, does not guarantee freedom. If we were truly a government of the people, by the people, for the people, we would not be experiencing the great divide between those who have and those who have not, and legislation would benefit the common good instead of the powerful few.

It’s appropriate that democracy is being tested. It is long past time that the nations of this world who wave the flag of democracy take a good hard look at what they truly stand for. The same is true for us.  Beyond what we are observing “out there,” in a world on the edge of its own collapse, we are being asked how we define freedom and how we are creating it in our own lives.  True freedom is not defined by the external circumstances of our lives, but by a deep inner experience of contentment and joy – filled and flowing with love. How are we creating this in our lives?

We’ve done the first steps in clearing that which is no longer life-giving. We’ve planted the seeds of the new. Now is the time to wait and watch – looking for the weeds of the old that might creep in to strangle the sprouts of the new we have envisioned.  As we wait, we might discover that we have planted some of our seeds too closely and that we need to weed out the excess or give them a new home. As we wait, we might find that some of our seeds need additional support or that we have tears to shed from the dying old that we can use to water them. Waiting is not a fallow time.  Instead, it is a time to deepen and strengthen our vision, ensuring that what is coming forth is rooted, anchored, and bearing the abundant fruits of love.

Soul School Essentials 1 – Igniting the Flame is your introduction to the foundational tools utilized in all Soul School offerings. This course gives you an opportunity to tip your toe in the water by providing a glimpse of the materials covered in our more intensive programs.  

Through Soul School Essentials 1 – Igniting the Flame, will learn effective tools that you can apply in your everyday life for supporting the unfolding of your Soul toward the goal of enjoying the meaningful and fulfilling live of your dreams.

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