I am writing this just 45 minutes after the news was released that Roe Vs. Wade was overturned by the United States Supreme Court.

There are no words.

Disgusted. Sick. Angry.  All come to mind, but this only scratches the surface of the reality behind this ruling:

The American people have been betrayed by our government – in the Supreme Court and everywhere else where women have been deprived of sovereignty over their own bodies. In a nation that proudly waves the banner of representative democracy where the majority of the population consider themselves pro-choice, these decisions are nothing short of betrayal – and demonstrate an epic failure of governance.

The US can no longer call itself a representative democracy.

Yes, this is just another nail in the coffin of a nation fast hurtling toward its self-created demise, but as a woman and as a mother of two young adults, and an auntie to many, this nail is especially painful.

I feel gutted.

I know I’m not alone. In the short time since the Supreme Court decision came down, my phone and social media have been screaming.  Women are angry. Men who care about women should be too. What immediately followed were Clarence Thomas’ vision of a future where both contraception and same sex marriage are illegal (I truly despise this man and have since the Anita Hill thing).  The actions of the vocal minority will not stop at abortion.  Mark my words.

In this moment I don’t have energy to think about appropriate social action. All I can do right now is tend to my grief. Writing is one way I give my grief a voice. Social media is another. There aren’t enough Handmaid’s Tale memes for how many are feeling today.

I can also be a source of support for others.  As a Soul Tender, with a master’s in Transpersonal Psychology, and just darn good listener without judgment, I’m a good place for people to express all that comes forth in the face of betrayal:

  • Shock.
  • Denial (this can’t be happening)
  • Bargaining (maybe more states will come forward with appropriate protections, maybe a new amendment can be written to protect women’s rights) 
  • Depression (feelings of helplessness, despair, immobility)
  • RAGE RAGE RAGE (where I am right now)
  • Sorrow.  (interesting, I found myself weeping in yoga this morning not really knowing why… I know).

I’m available via FB messenger and email and text for those who have my private number.

Finally, in case anyone should forget:


I’ve been saying this all along:  in a nation that seems to cater to white men, these are the ones who need to speak out and stand up.  Clearly the US Government doesn’t give a shit about women, people of color, or the poor (who will be most devastated by this ruling). Sadly, it has been proved that our voices don’t matter. The good men need to stand up and make their “brothers” hear. If they don’t, they might find that they will be the ones the vocal minority will be coming after next.

Lauri Ann Lumby has over twenty-five years of experience as a soul-tender, educator and guide. She has supported hundreds through her one-on-one guidance, books, workshops, retreats, over thirty online courses, and online community.

Lauri is the author of seven books focusing on personal development, including Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy.  She is also the author of two poetry collections, and a novel.  

Lauri earned her master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia/ITP University, is a trained Spiritual Director in the Ignatian traditioned and has certificates in Adult Education and Psycho-Spiritual Development. Lauri is a Reiki Master Practitioner in both the Usui and Karuna traditions and is an ordained interfaith minister.  Lauri has also studied and been trained in shamanic practices under the tutelage of Dr. Stephen Schmitz. You can reach Lauri directly by emailing  

2 thoughts on “Betrayed

    • AMEN Kathy! AMEN! Hard-right “Christians” in name only who want babies to be born but who turn their back on those who need help keeping these babies alive. They have blinded themselves to what Jesus really taught and have made up their own doctrine to meet their own political agenda based in fear, power, oppression, and control. They do exactly what Jesus taught against. Hypocrites!


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