Potent Portal – Summer Solstice Report

Sisters, Brothers, and Friends,

Today we find ourselves in the center of the potent and powerful Solstice Portal. The portal began just before Tuesday’s full moon and will carry us through the final days of this week.

The 2022 solstice portal is especially potent as it marks final endings (last week’s full moon) and dramatic new beginnings. We have been preparing for this portal since early May, the fruits of which will unfold through October of this year.

Prior to May’s preparations for this portal, we may have found ourselves facing many deaths in our lives – literal and figurative. Things that were once life-giving and were bearing at least some fruit suddenly came to a halt (a halt that you may now be aware had been happening since late 2021).  Some were left empty-handed. No work. No vision for anything new. No amount of effort would bring about the new that was simply not yet to be.  We had to really let our old lives die. 

As of May 1, sparks of the new were beginning to reveal themselves.  For some, what may have begun as glimpses and glimmers turned into a full-on revisioning complete with creating. This was a time of excitement and hope for new opportunities and new beginnings.

Then that full moon on June 14th pulled the plug. Some will have heard this HALT as the reminder that with new beginnings comes a time of rest. We must leave the seeds alone that we have planted so they can begin to take root. The time from the full moon to this week’s solstice is exactly for this.  Rest. Do nothing. Be still. Tend to the mundane.

While we have been biding our time, the energies of the impending solstice have been ramping up.  I’m hearing reports of vertigo, migraines, powerful waves of energy being felt, bizarre dreams and more. The big terminology I’ve heard is “a look back.”  This look back is taking on a wide variety of forms from old physical injuries and pains reappearing, mind loops of former life experiences (old loves, old jobs, old friends, old behavior patterns, etc.), and old fears. Just this morning I was awakened at 2am with a full-blown panic attack – for no reason whatsoever! I wasn’t even having a nightmare.  Just panic for the sake of panic.  UGH!

This look back is an opportunity to bid a final farewell to all that which represented our old lives (completed karmic contracts).  The symptoms of vertigo, headaches, energy waves, dreams, etc. are representative of our Souls’ receiving new instructions, upgraded programming, and revised blueprints for the new lives we have already gotten a glimpse of, but have not yet fully landed.

Remember this is a period of releasing and receiving so if you’re feeling a little under the weather, or just “not quite right,” be kind to yourself as you are being made ready to be catapulted into a whole new life for yourself and it’s normal to feel a little bit of the bends or something akin to altitude sickness as your body adjusts to the new programs coming in while simultaneously cleansing itself of the old that is on its way out.  Drink lots of water and listen to your body’s needs. For example, this morning I was hit by an overwhelming craving for a Hardee’s fried chicken sandwich, curly fries, and a Coke – the last thing I would normally choose to eat! 

Finally, I want to say thank you!  Thank you for the critically important work you have done up to and including the ending of your karmic contracts. Your (often difficult) work was necessary for establishing the foundation for this next stage in humanity’s evolution. The work you will be doing moving forward is known by your Soul and will be revealed in perfect Divine timing and in perfect alignment with who you are and what you need at this stage in your own personal journey.  While one way of being has ended, the new promises to be more life-giving, more fruitful, and more in harmony with all you have come to know about yourself, your unique gifts, and your calling in this world.

The Force is with you!



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  • What is standing in the say of you living the meaningful, fulfilling, joyful, inspired life of your dreams?

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