Wicked (?) Witch

Wicked ? Witch

Through wicked whispered breath kissing the earth,
the witch administers her magic.

Catalyst for change.
Herald for Death.
Midwifing new life.

Understood by few.
Scorned by many.

A woman alone is dangerous.
Condemned as temptation by some,
an envy to others.
Mystery strikes both fear and wonder.

Who is this woman with a heart so great and a fuse so short?
A single look from her evil eye will strike you dead.
She sees into the infinity of your Soul.
You cannot hide from her all-seeing eye.
And nothing compares to the love she so freely shares.

Humanity wonders who is this woman and why is she always alone?
To them, the witch gives no answer.
But the earth – the Blessed Earth knows
the witch’s secrets kissing in her wicked whispered breath.

copyright Lauri Ann Lumby

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