Corporate Client Testimonials

I have been profoundly honored to be invited to present for a wide variety of corporate gatherings. This coming week, I have two such events. On Thursday I will be presenting on Mary Magdalene for the Healer’s Playgroup out of the Twin Cities, MN, and on Saturday, I’m presenting: Supporting Resilience in Teens: Mental Health and Wellness for Dancers for the Wisconsin Dance Council annual conference. I’m grateful for these and other organizations who understand the value of personal development and are committed to bringing these resources to their employees, members, and clients.

It was so exciting to have Lauri, with 30 years of expertise in the field of human development, visit our craft-centered writing group, Much Ado About Writing. Her in-depth knowledge of enneagram types was the perfect complement to our discussions of characterization, and her presentation summarizing each of the types – their main traits, fears, and compulsions – had us all seeing the characters in our works-in-progress (and ourselves) in a new light. If you are looking to inject fresh energy and perspective into your writing group’s discussions of craft while deepening your understanding of human temperaments and interpersonal relationships, invite Lauri to come chat with your group about her work!

  • Kate Penndorf and Valerie Heller, Much Ado About Writing

Lauri Lumby partnered with my company Nutritional Healing to offer her Authentic Freedom education to clients of all backgrounds and needs. We offered a half-day workshop focused on ‘the mindful body’ for self-development that helped our clients learn how to bring awareness and joy back to eating. Lauri helped attendees focus on saying goodbye to things such as emotional eating, self-medicating, limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, and other bad habits. My clients also learned how mindless munching and emotional eating doesn’t serve us, and what steps we can take to become aware of what our body truly needs and become more body-aware with each bite we take.

Additionally, Lauri helped my clients beat stress and prevent any moments of emotional eating during one of the toughest times of year – the holidays. Lauri taught attendees how to acknowledge and recognize any triggers as they show up during the holidays, and how/why we often turn to food and alcohol to numb these feelings. From there, my clients were taught basic practices for dealing with these triggers.

I would recommend the work of Lauri Lumby on an individual basis as well as in a corporate setting to make an impact in helping individuals do the deep work we all need for true healing!

  • Kimberly Stoeger, Nutritional Healing

Ms. Lumby has been a returning implementer for Currie Management Consultants. Inc.  We’ve been in business over four decades as consultants to industrial equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors.  We have included Enneagram work as part of our ongoing Leadership and Executive Development work.  The Enneagram, and Lauri’s work, have become essential parts of our programs.  Lauri engages our clients extremely well, delivers with precision, and her impeccable work ethic is highly professional.  She is a respected colleague of ours and our hope is that this relationship grows and continues into the future.  Experts like Lauri are necessary for developing strong corporate culture, and for building teams of effective leaders and executives that work with purpose and intention.

  • Robin P. Currie, Currie Management Consultants, Inc.

Lauri Ann Lumby designs workshops and tools to meet the individual needs of businesses and their employees.

Topics of interest include:

  • Team building with the Enneagram.
  • Stress-relief and self-care through Mindfulness.
  • Change-management and the role of grief.
  • Managing conflict in the workplace.

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