Imprisoned by Belonging

One of the greatest traps we experience as human beings is that of belonging. Belonging has rules. Belonging must be earned. Once earned, there is the constant threat of belonging being taken away. Belonging arises out of a self-created power structure that grooms us to seek after and maintain its approval, and when we break the rules of the power structure we are banished from that place of perceived belonging.

Conditioned belonging exists in every single aspect of our human experience – in our homes, churches, schools, workplaces, etc. The desire to belong reflects our woundedness. Groups of belonging take advantage of this woundedness by extending a promise of acceptance. But in nearly every single case, this acceptance proves to be conditional.

Belonging is a vicious trap that keeps us imprisoned in our woundedness and insecurity. The threat of belonging being taken away keeps us from being able to see the world’s truths, let alone our own. With belonging hanging over our heads, we are unable to name, claim, and live as our most authentic selves. It is for this reason, among others, that much of humanity is living a life of “quiet desperation” – unfulfilled, anxiety and shame-ridden.

Escaping the prison of belonging, is simple, yet likely the most difficult task we will ever undertake. When we know and understand our true nature as Love, we learn that the only one to which we truly belong is to ourselves. After this, no other belonging is necessary:

It takes more courage than most possess to truly see.

Seeing means losing that which

most tightly seals humanity’s prison –


Or rather, the threat that they

are nothing

and no one

if they don’t belong.

What is belonging if not the constant threat that

Love must be earned and

can even more easily be taken away.

All these threats keep them from seeing that the only belonging one ever needs

is belonging to themselves.

And in belonging to themselves,

they know that

they are Love.

How have you been groomed by belonging? Where did you find belonging conditional? How has the need to belong prevented you from living your most authentic truth? How are you working on remembering your true nature as Love?

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