Featured Course: Resurrecting the Magdalene

Mary, called Magdalene achieved the goal of the human experience—to become both fully human and fully divine.  In doing so, Mary embodied the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in  perfect harmony and it was through this integration that she was able to grasp Jesus’ original teachings of compassion and love and bring them forward into the world. 

2000 years ago, the world was not ready for her teachings, but today we are.  Join us as we explore the deeper and hidden truths about Mary Magdalene revealed during her time with Jesus:  her roles as student, initiate, co-equal partner, wife, facilitator and witness to the resurrection, and the one sent to continue Jesus’ mission of  being love in the world.

This Course includes the Magdalene Activation and concludes with the Magdalene ordination through which you are empowered, through your own unique gifts and passions to fulfill the mission of LOVE in the world. 

Created and facilitated by Lauri Ann Lumby. 


This course consists of 7 modules with several activities within each lesson.  With these activities, 2000 years of untruths will be exposed so that the truth can be revealed.  Activities will include meditation, reflection and writing exercises.  You will need yourself, a notebook or journal, writing utensil and access to an online music source.  Several music meditations are included in the course.  

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Course Outline 

Lesson One:  Fully Awakened

Activity One: What we’ve been led to believe

Music and reflective reading meditations

Activity Two: Lesson – What the stories really say

Activity Three: Magdalene Activation

Your own direct encounter with the Magdalene

Lesson One Wrap up and Integration

Lesson Two:  Adoration

Activity One: Being vs. Doing

Reflective Reading meditation

Activity Two: Lesson – Being vs. Doing, Bhakti yoga

Activity Three: Practice of Adoration

Adoration meditation and/or Kirtan

Lesson Two Wrap up and Integration

Lesson Three: Priestess

Activity One: Immersing ourselves in Mary’s story

Immersion Meditation

Activity Two: Lesson – Mary Magdalene as Priestess

Activity Three: Make your own oil of anointing

Lesson Three Wrap up and Integration

Lesson Four: Devoted Witness/ Wife?

Activity One: Immersion Meditation

In the Garden of Gethsemane with Mary

Activity Two: Reflective Reading Meditation

Mary never left his side.

Activity Three: Lesson – Mary Magdalene as Devoted Witness

Activity Four: Immersion Meditation

Mary at Jesus’ trial, crucifixion, death and burial.

Lesson Four Wrap up and Integration

Lesson Five: Apostle to the Apostles          

Activity One: Critical reading and reflection

Activity Two: Lesson – Mary Magdalene as Apostle to the Apostles

Activity Three: Immersion Meditation

Being Mary at the Tomb

Lesson Five Wrap up and Integration

Session Six: Order of the Magdalene

Introduction and preparation for your Magdalene ordination

Activity One: Gathering the Legends of the Magdalene

Music meditation

Activity Two: The Gospel of Mary, Introduction

Activity Three: The Gospel of Mary text and meditation

Activity Four: Discerning and Accepting the Call of the Magdalene

Activity Five: Writing your Vows

Activity Six: Ordination Ceremony

Course Wrap up and Final Words

NOTE:  This course is the first and foundational course in the Magdalene Priestess Training.  Enjoy a free sample of this course, along with the other courses in the Magdalene Priestess training through the FREE Magdalene Priestess Training Preview course.  Click on image below to learn more and to register: 

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