Becoming Sovereign

The Kabbalah is a mirror in which is reflected the fiery intelligence that has caused humanity to rise beyond all other species of creatures on the earth – a fiery intelligence that makes us self-aware and empowers us with the capacity of a conscious evolution far beyond our present state.  – Tau Malachi from his book, Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ

6 online lessons

Done at your own pace

With facilitated discussion

Purpose of the Kabbalah

to find answers to these basic questions

  • The destiny of humankind and the purpose of each individual.
  • The nature of the human soul and its connection to the Divine.
  • The nature and attributes of the Divine.
  • The inner meaning of the revealed scriptures.
  • The mysteries and power contained in the Hebrew letters.
  • The mystery of the divine incarnation and the divine plan on earth.

Benefits of engaging with the Kabbalah

  • Provides us with a map of the journey of consciousness evolution.
  • Supports us in understanding the various stages along that path.
  • Guides us in identifying and overcoming the challenges to our Soul’s evolution.
  • Empowers us in becoming sovereign beings – whole and complete within ourselves in our unique giftedness and purpose.

Becoming Sovereign provides an introduction to one of the most ancient and primordial mystical traditions in the world – the Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah, as it is known today, is the tradition of Jewish mysticism which emerged in written form during the middle ages, but whose oral tradition predates the written by hundreds, if not thousands of years. 

The Kabbalah, in its broadest sense is at once a cosmology, a belief system, and a practice. For our purposes here, Becoming Sovereign will introduce the basic tools of the Kabbalah including knowledge of:

  • The Tree of Life
  • The Sefirot (emanations of the Divine)
  • The Divine Name
  • The Hebrew Letters and their spiritual meanings
  • Angels and Archangels
  • The significance of the Holy Bride

The lessons provided here are excerpts of the longer and more in-depth training provided in the Order of Melchizedek Alchemist Training. Becoming Sovereign stands on its own as an introduction course, and can become a source of inspiration for taking your studies farther through the Order of Melchizedek Training. You might also deepen your knowledge and experience of the Kabbalah through our Mary Magdalene and the Path of the Holy Bride online training.

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