We are the Storm

The storm isn’t coming.  The storm is already here and


Humanity is crying out for a new way of being. One that is no longer based in the model of imprisonment that has been imposed on us – the model rooted in manipulation through fear, power, oppression, and control.

  • We have grown weary of being the backs upon which white men have become grotesquely wealthy while we struggle and fight to survive. 
  • We have grown weary of a world defined by war.
  • We have become sickened by those who grow increasingly rich by a world always at war.
  • We cry out in agony over the destruction wrought on our beautiful planet by the mechanisms of corporate gluttony and greed.
  • Our hearts cry out on behalf of all those who suffer under the current system – especially the poor, homeless, elderly, sick, and mentally ill.
  • We ache over the injustices in our world and have cried out:


We are crying out with our feet by refusing to continue in this charade:

  • We have staged a worker’s revolution – refusing to participate in a system that is against us rather than for us.
  • Many have created their own work built on their passions which give life meaning or choosing work that provides better balance.
  • Increasing numbers of people are standing up against racism and brutality.
  • We have lost faith in a governance that works on behalf of their financial sponsors instead of the constituents they were elected to serve.
  • Many are untying themselves from a financial system based in debt and are finding financial autonomy and empowerment outside of that system.
  • Increasing numbers are connecting and gathering in support of a simpler, gentler life that takes less of a toll on our fragile environment.
  • People are standing up in defense of our planet!
  • People are coming together in search of common ground and are turning away from the created division upon which the current system thrives.
  • We have stopped believing in a media that has lost its sense of true journalism in favor of hype.
  • We have turned away from an outside perceived authority and have harnessed the inner authority and sovereignty that has been within us all along.

We are the storm that the system never expected.

Lost in the arrogance and pride of their superiority over the masses, the system expected we would continue being obedient, compliant, subservient, and weak.  The system expected that we would continue believing in their capitalistic lies (ie: everyone has the same opportunity to become wealthy). The system expected that they could continue to manipulate and control us through fear and false promises.

But the system has failed.

A system built on fear, power, oppression, and control cannot stand.  A system that thrives on division is unsustainable and will eventually collapse under its own weight.

We have arrived at that place of collapse.

We are the storm that hastens the collapse by refusing to believe the lies while untying ourselves from fear-based conditioning. We are the storm by coming together instead of participating in division. We are the storm by finding our own inner authority, standing in our truth, and using our voice to speak out against the lies and for the truth. We are the storm when we use our feet to forge a different path, and our hands to create a whole new world.

We are the storm the system never expected, and we are legion!

What are your gifts and how are you called to use them for the sake of your own fulfillment and in service to the betterment of the world?

What is Your Magic?, online course created by Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, OPM, OSF, MATS  was created to help you discover the answer!

  • 13- self paced lessons
  • online in your own time
  • discussion facilitated by Lauri Ann Lumby.

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