Being an Exorcist

In my experience, there are four kinds of exorcists:

  1. The ones we see in movies modeled after the tradition of Catholic priests especially trained and commissioned to research demonic possession and if deemed demonic, also charged with freeing the “host” of said demon.
  2. The shaman-types who “eat” demons who have made a home in an animal, person, or place.
  3. Psychiatrists who successfully treat those suffering from extreme mental illness which in former times would have been labeled as possessed.
  4. Those who help regular people identify, transform, and release the demons of fear, past wounding, trauma, etc.

Normally I would say that I am solely the fourth kind of exorcist, but due to recent events, I must now acknowledge that the deeper “releasing of demons” that I’ve been doing is more akin to #1.  YIKES!

For yesterday I was given a vision and a command

The vision came during my Sunday morning yoga class.  Sitting in child’s pose, I was overcome with a terrible anxiety, bordering on panic. First, I tried stuffing down the anxiety.  Then I tried praying it away. Neither of these released the anxiety so I did what every exorcist knows to do –

Instead of running from the fear, I went into it.

As I drew closer to the fear, I began to “see” through my third eye, becoming like the three-eyed raven of Game of Thrones fame. I found myself “flying” over the world and being shown all the pockets of a world readying for war. They are legion.

I was then drawn into and past the war machine and was shown the “players.”  These players might better be called “puppet masters” for they are never on the front lines.  Instead, these are the men behind the men behind the men. These “puppet masters” are made up of a council of men hiding behind, manipulating, and controlling the wealth in the world and all the violence that created (and continues to create) and is brought about by that wealth.  These are the men who benefit from a world at war and who create the perceived conflicts that ensure the world is always at war so they may continue to grow in wealth.

I was then drawn into and through these men to the evil that feeds and sustains them, for the evil they do is not simply born out of gluttony and greed.  It is born out of the darkest and most hideous actions man can dream of – namely:

Human sacrifice, the most hideous of which is child sacrifice.

Yes. You heard me right. The evil these men feed upon is that which is sustained through the sacrifice of human life. These sacrifices include the women and men who die in war, innocents killed in the streets and in their own homes, children trafficked for the purpose of sexual/murderous acts.

I shudder to share these words, and many might accuse me of lying or being insane. I’m only telling you what I saw.  You can look away, but the reality remains.

There is true evil being done in our world and until this evil is rooted out, we will never know peace.

This is where the task of the exorcist comes in.  I’m not a Catholic priest. Neither am I a shaman. Instead, the work I do is invisible and performed in the non-physical realm. Here I remain with the visions as they come and follow the visions as they lead me toward the sources of these evils – what some might call “demons.”  At first glance, they appear as demons. Some big. Some small. Some absent of form. Then I use the tools I’ve been given (through the Holy Spirit/Shekinah) to support these “demons” in being healed of the evil that befell them so that they might return to their original nature as love. 

The work is not about banishing demons, it is about restoring them to Love.

This is the work that has consumed me for the past 24 hours and which will continue to unfold as it needs to. The great news is that I have spiritual sisters and brothers who are doing similar work, so I know I am not alone. I am humbled (to the point of tears) to be called to this work and grateful for the years of what I now understand was the training necessary to develop the courage to face these evils and to be a vessel through which they might be healed so that our world might be healed.

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