How the Ancestors Support Our Journey

I want to thank you dear friend and former classmate, Diya Dannu for inviting me as a guest in her podcast, Mother’s Womb, Mother’s Milk. This is the first of a four-part series.

In this episode, we explore the following questions:

  • What do you understand self-actualization to be?
  • What was your process of self-actualization and how did your ancestral mothers contribute to this process?
  • Do you remember your dreams? Have they contributed to this journey?
  • What parts of your ancestry (geographical locations and cultural connections in addition to biology) have contributed?
  • Do any prehistoric figures (mythological) show up to be a guiding force?
  • Bring forth anything else you feel is relevant!

Learn more about Diya’s work:

Alaya A Dannu, MA (aka Diya Dannu) is completing her doctoral degree in Education Leadership for Change at Fielding University. Her topic of inquiry explores the transmission of ancestral memory across generations experienced through dreams, focusing on a re-emergent Mother Goddess tradition of her foremothers. She has written several essays on the subject matter, contributing to ezines and specialized platforms such as the blog for Feminism and Religion, Magoism, and DreamTime Magazine. Her three-year, three-month, and three-week ancestral pilgrimage which was crafted and revealed to her by her ancestors in her dreams, has served to reinforce the importance of knowing and honoring one’s origins, true identity, and purpose in life. She is a spiritual guide, creative artist, and sacred dancer. Her engagement with the creative arts is directly related to the images and teachings experienced in her dreams. She is also a member of the Diversity Advisory Committee of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, advocating for more awareness and inclusivity of BIPOC dreams and dreaming traditions within dream research and studies.

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